Saturday, 2022-12-17

piggz[m]Cshard: just run flash-it and follow instructions,  it will do the partitioning etc07:50
attahDoes this make sense?
x2sfor me it does.17:45
x2sBut I would move the box with "pdf2printable" further back to remove this weird blob for ppm2pwg or try to make that connection more clear17:46
x2sIt is not clear if this is an "either" or an "and"17:47
attahIt is a bit of a weird relation... ppm2pwg is part of pdf2printable if needed, but also useful separately...but perhaps that is only important to me18:12
x2sThat's the only thing I didn't understand immediately and it makes sense after your explanation, so maybe add some text or internal arrows or so18:23
attahThanks for input! I decided to break them apart when fixing another flow that was missing19:53

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