Sunday, 2022-12-18

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direc85[m]Any idea where I could find the documentation for Formatter in QML?16:55
direc85[m]It's terribly bad name to search with :<16:56
direc85[m]sailfishsilica-qt5 apparently16:56
direc85[m]And it's private17:00
direc85[m]Should have guessed, actually17:00
direc85[m]I guess the autocomplete in Sailfish SDK is the best there currently is :')17:05
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henklately my GS290/volla is behaving a bit strangely from time to time: it detects random events (mostly gestures, maybe, it seems) on the touchscreen. AFAICT this happens mainly after moving it a bit more or more randomly than usual. has anyone experienced something like that, too? any idea how to find out what’s going on? or how to fix it?21:34
henkin the best cases, it just stops responding to input. in the worst, the pulley menu comes down and an item is activated, or it swipes left and opens some contact from an sms, etc. after locking (pressing powerbutton) and unlocking again, everything works fine, at least for a while or until the next bigger movement …22:10
rdr_henk i only had an issue with my Xperia X when the digitizer mysteriously got cracked22:31
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rdrwould someone care to try an app for me to see if it works sans Play Services? I'm guessing it doens't23:15
rdrdo SFOS people get microG or something installed sometimes?23:15

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