Monday, 2022-12-19

piggzpoetaster: vncscreen could have its spec polished a little :)18:09
piggzdo you want it in chum main anyway?18:09
rdrhow do you guys watch youtubes on SFOS?18:13
attahrdr: Blowser18:14
attahehm.. Browser18:14
attahwhat is the opposite of freudian anyway? O.o18:14
attahnote to self: don't eat and type at the same time18:15
rdrdoes the mario vs bowser have adblock?18:16
attahI pay for YouTube, since it's worth it18:16
rdroh i currently have it, but use youtube music extensively18:17
attahSo what is the relation to adblock here? and what mario do you mean?18:18
rdrsorry mario was just a  joke18:18
attahlong day today... woosh, i guess18:18
rdri was just curious whether yt music and yt itself was worth using on sailfish18:18
rdri guess you could use the music thing in the browser? or mess around with Play Services (not recommended i hear) and the android app?18:19
attahWell, official apps probably are out of the question... but whatever you can make work outside of that18:19
attahIf you really want, apparently it is possible18:19
rdrah okay, i would rather keep google as far away as possible18:19
rdri'm just curious if any music service works with an APK and no Play Services, i'd probably switch18:20
attahSpotify works fine18:20
rdrbarring one with an actual SFOS app18:20
rdroh nice, maybe i'll swap18:20
rdri used to have spotify a long time ago18:20
rdrthanks attah for answering questions18:20
attahNo properly working SFGOS app there... but Android app is fine18:20
rdrwhat handset do you have?18:20
attahAll of them18:21
attahXperia 10 III is the current daily driver18:21
rdrwow you're rich18:21
rdri dunno whether i should go for IV and wait it out on Android, or just got for the III18:21
rdrthey're very close in price18:22
attahWell... good job and cheap living... i can splurge €300 every 18 months or so18:22
rdrlol i was joking that you had every phone EVER released :D18:22
rdr18,000 models18:22
rdror so18:22
rdrjust swimming in blowers18:23
attahIV is some way away (nothing in repos yet)... and i'm not so sure it is a significant step up from the III18:23
attahthinking about skipping that one if/when it arrives... which would be a first18:24
rdr10 III (blue) is $449CAD, 10 IV is $419(!) open box  but in black, or $469 for your choice of color non-open box18:25
rdractually since it's blue i might go for it18:25
attahPretty expensive... but comparatively fine18:26
attahJust check band support18:26
rdroh yeah the bands are a bit different18:26
attahRumor has it the III is worse in that regard for "the new world"18:27
rdryeah i need band 41, so IV is better for my carrier :(18:27
rdrit's the main deployed 5G around here18:27
attahSmall matte rof getting 5g at all first, but still18:27
attahAnd surely you have plenty of LTE coverage already?18:28
rdrit's not much faster than 4G here18:28
rdri just did a speed test in my apartment (with low signal) and it was like 20MBPS18:28
rdri guess 50MBPS18:29
attahPrecisely... the base technology is very similar... 5g is just a more flexible18:29
rdrit's better closer to the mall and stuff18:29
rdrnoooo 5G is mind control, it makes me use my tik toks18:29
attahSo given the same amount of spectrum... there shouldn't be much difference18:29
rdrhaha yeah18:30
rdrthat's a good argument18:30
rdri think i'll go for the IV just for future proofing18:30
rdrbut i'd be sad if it never got SFOS X18:30
rdrIII is more instant gratification tho18:30
attah5g just opens up even more bands, and running in combination with those18:31
rdrsince i can flash right away18:31
attahwell, you have the facts clear... so you decide what is best for you18:32
rdrappreciate it18:32
rdrthe III has VoLTE support sometimes though, but that would depend on carrier right?18:32
attahno worries18:32
rdri was talking to a carrier rep about that and he said it could be an issue18:33
attahIt is a bit carrier dependent, yes18:33
rdri appreciate the first hand informatoin attah18:34
rdri imagine as a new worlder i'll be unsupported a lot18:34
rdrbut it was ok when i had a Xperia X18:34
rdruntil the digitizer mysteriously broke18:35
attahYeah... just temper your expectations a bit and it'll be fine18:35
rdri'll have to use my wallet more, which is ok18:37
rdrjust for payments with a card instead of phone18:39
attahThat's healthy though... i prefer my card to not be able to break as easy, or get malware18:40
rdrwell one good thing about Apple/Google Pay is they don't expose your card info to the merchant, it's a virtual card they see.  but other than that it's not good for privacy (any more than card is)18:42
attahBut is it not the same virtual card they keep seeing, and yet another party that sees what tyou do... so what does it matter?18:44
attahI just use this instead
attahMuch better than a phone18:45
poetasterhmmm. piggz[m] I'll update the vnsscreen spec. Just noticed it had the usual 'default' url. I'm just doing minimal tweaks to get it in distribution. but that I'll do.18:45
poetasterpiggz[m], it's in testing, now?18:45
piggzpoetaster: yeah its in testing19:42
piggzso, you can update it there, and subit it to main when you want19:42
poetasterI just updated the urls in yaml/spec and the license in yaml. was that it?19:57
piggz[m]poetaster: yeah21:01
poetasterpiggz[m], submitted, thanks!21:41

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