Friday, 2022-12-30

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ilpianista<rinigus> "nephros: so far, we don't have..." <- what do you mean here by "obscurity". I've a project that reads api keys via environment variables; is there any way I can provide those without exposing them in OBS?14:41
malilpianista: about issue, use "ifarch aarch64" not arm6415:54
ilpianistamal: I just fixed it, thanks ;-)15:56
ilpianistait's a pity that I cannot push it to chum (but I fully understand and agree with the reasons)15:59
malwhat is the reason?16:00
ilpianistatailscale it's a binary16:03
ilpianistaI fixed OBS, but now I broke the build with mb2 ✌️16:15
malhow does it fail?16:17
* ilpianista sent a code block:
maldid you use build -p?16:24
ilpianistabtw, may I use %ifarch in the YAML too?16:24
malI think yaml is not really used anymore16:25
malit's usually easier to just make a spec manually16:25
ilpianistaah, so it's ok if I remove it16:25
malI never use yaml myself16:25
rinigusilpianista: we don't have any way to store API keys on OBS "hidden" from others. at least I am not aware of any16:29
ilpianistaok, thanks16:30
ilpianista<mal> "did you use build -p?" <- mmm, it doesn't work even with that16:40
malnot sure if mb2 handles all special cases16:53
ilpianistaI'm using %setup -q -n %{name}-%{version} -a 1 to decompress Source116:55
ilpianistaI workarounded it with an ugly if [ ! -d...17:13
thilo[m]Hi, i wanted to use the file util to get the mimetype of a file, but if i start the app outside of the IDE, thus directly via the launcher, i get a permission denied20:38
thilo[m]result = subprocess.check_output(['file', '--mime-type', path], text=True)20:38
thilo[m]PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'file'20:38
thilo[m]is there a way to work around this, or can i simply not use the file util20:39
thilo[m]* file util?20:39
thilo[m](at least i assume that the file util is the problem..)20:41
NicoDoes anyone have a good example of how to play an audio buffer on SailfishOS? I tried, but it seems to not cause any sound output. I have audio samples coming in bit by bit, so I need to be able to manually pass a buffer.22:45
Nico(I managed to get some output by manually writing to the builtin default QAudioOutput, but that had some crackling and was always max volume...)22:47
NicoHey, I fixed it by using SDL instead of QAudioOutput! Thanks for rubberducking!23:00

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