Saturday, 2022-12-31

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b100dian[m]🦆 :)00:15
direc85[m]I had the pleasure of acting as a rubber ducky for my co-worker yesterday, it was hilarious :D10:36
direc85[m]Didn't understand anything really, a new thought started before the first ended, then suddenly "yeah that's how I do it, thanks"10:37
direc85[m]s/thought/thoughts/, s/first/previous/10:37
thilo[m]Yeah, thats exactly how it works :D11:59
louisdk[m]I have a friend suffering from this issue:
louisdk[m]The only difference from my device not suffering from this is that it is installed using an older SFOS release I really can't see how this could make any difference.13:33

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