Sunday, 2023-01-01

Thaodanrinigus or piggz: Anyone around?15:21
piggz[m]Thaodan: ish15:46
Thaodanpiggz[m]: I'm going to package pcsc for Sailfish OS, would you care to create repositories for that? The packages would pcsc-tools pcsc-ccid and pcsc-lite.15:51
piggz[m]Thaodan: so, its 3 repos with those names, not one repo with 3 packages?16:14
Thaodanpiggz[m]: Yes 3 repos16:14
ThaodanI'll import the opensuse packages, the are split this way.16:15
Thaodanoh that already exists by fridlmue16:17
piggzThaodan: up to date versions? will you work with him to update is needed17:49
Thaodanpiggz: Sure I can do that.19:41
ThaodanDidn't check how up to date they are19:41

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