Sunday, 2023-01-08

inky_hello, piggz12:37
inky_i have a question regarding amazfish usage under postmarketos12:37
inky_shell we do12:38
inky_try to do it here?12:38
inky_so when i pair it, it does not tell me that it wants to be paired to the phone. it is just first amazfish bip.12:39
inky_and in the app when i choose pair, and then the first watch from the list12:40
inky_it just doesnt do anything, the watch gets seleted and unselected12:40
inky_but other watches bring me the edit field and ask for the key.12:41
inky_so i reset the watch12:41
inky_but was not able to do anything then.12:41
inky_and then i used my friends' android, i thought maybe the firmware is old12:42
inky_apparntly the official app is now called zepp, it updated gps fw, but the fw number remained the same i guess12:42
inky_and the update in theofficial app didn;t12:43
inky_find anything anymore12:43
inky_then the watch became usable but of course i removed the app from my friend;12:43
inky_from his phone, and unpaired the watch.12:44
inky_now trying amazfish again, and again cannot connect it tothe pinephone.12:44
inky_btw i am typing from pinephone so sorry for typos12:44
inky_the fw version is
inky_and btw i did not package amazfish for maemo leste yet because the distro was on devuan beowulf and it lacked modern qt but now they swiched to devuan chimaera and i hope to be able to build and package it.12:47
inky_now i am under postmarketos with amazfish 2.1.0-r012:48
inky_i am able to use bluetoothctl to pair or unpair or trust the device12:49
inky_with gui bt configuration from gnome settings  i can see tha bip, bu12:50
inky_but usually i cannot turn it on or connect. it sees the watch but doesnt connect to it. i can remove it and then it connects once12:51
inky_but dsc12:58
inky_but disconnects and never connects12:59
inky_ok i think i described it well... i guess if the watch could bring me the bt pairing dialog, it would be better. but even when i pair it from bluetoothctl it doesn;13:04
piggzinky_: sorry, was away.... reading....13:13
piggzinky_: are you running both the UI and the daemon ?13:13
piggzthe daemon does the actual pairing13:14
norayrpiggz (it's me, managed to login from computer), oh the daemon i cannot start.13:23
norayri guess it should be start by root?13:24
piggzno, user13:24
norayrwhen i press the button to start the daemon, nothing happens. let me try again.13:24
piggzwhat happens when you run it manually13:24
piggzis your package built with systemd support?13:24
norayrit's not my package, i am using the package available in postmarketos. or maybe even alpine, not sure.13:25
norayrsince pmos is using alpine repos.13:25
norayrminute i'll try to list the package content to see if there is a service file.13:25
piggzi dont maintain the packages ... try running it manually, and getting the log output ... once both are running13:26
norayrgood, i'll try. which one is the executable to run manually?13:29
norayrprobably that.13:29
norayrshould i run it as root?13:29
norayror as user?13:29
norayroh i see /usr/bin/harbour-amazfishd is running with user rights.13:30
norayrand i see that the desktop launcher started it.13:30
norayri can kill it and run as root. shell i?13:31
piggznorayr: no, user is fine ... get its log output13:34
norayrok then i'll kill it and run myself in console to see the log.13:34
norayrwow when i started it, it wrote on the third line:13:38
norayrMpris: Failed attempting to connect to DBus13:38
norayrand went to segmentation fault13:38
norayrbut dbus is running.13:38
norayrsame when running as root.13:39
norayri restarted dbus, the ui crashed, i have plain console now, rebooting the phone.13:40
norayrafter reboot i see harbour-amazfishd is running! interesting, why it doesn't run when i start it.13:42
norayrit is possible to strace it.13:43
norayrit is searching for a conf file, and cannot file it13:44
norayrfaccessat(AT_FDCWD, "/etc/xdg/harbour-amazfish/harbour-amazfish.conf", F_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)13:44
piggzas user, that should be in you home dir13:46
norayryes i see, it is in ~/.config/harbour-amazfish/harbour-amazfish.conf. but it doesn't seem to find it.13:48
norayri can copy it to /etc/xdg, where it searches for it.13:48
norayrcopied, now stracing.13:50
piggznorayr: are you running as user13:51
piggzif so, i think your environment in that shell is wrong13:52
norayri didn't run it, yes, it is running as user.13:52
piggzif i dont reply, ive gone out, but ill check back later13:52
norayrby default the user shell is ash here on postmarketos13:52
piggzor you can email/telegram me13:52
norayri cannot telegram, i only can irc. i'll try to find the email, but maybe we'll meet here later.13:53
norayri'll notice if you ping me here, i get notification in pidgin.13:53
poetasterpiggz, rinigus, are you guys ok if I use github webhooks which fire on RELEASE within the chum testing repos? I'm implementing actions to build releases on tags. If a release succeeds, it fires the webhook for obs.16:04

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