Monday, 2023-01-09

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piggz[m]norayr: did you have any success09:03
piggzrinigus: ping09:03
norayrpiggz eh.15:03
norayris it correct that the service should work from the user's name? because on pmos the user's name is user, but i checked, the package is made for alpine, not for postmarketos.15:03
norayri used amazfish on pmos long ago.15:04
norayrbut now something seems broken.15:04
piggz[m]norayr: yes, both parts, the daemon and ui should run as user, not root15:30
norayrthank you.15:31
norayri just found my backup of home, and i found my old amazfish configs.15:31
norayri'll try to put that config file and see what will happen.15:31
norayrdoing that.15:31
norayrthe watch doesn't change its bluetooth addr after reset, right?15:43
norayrbecause i have a feeling it changed.15:43
piggzit does16:00
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norayrpiggz, so i used the old file. but changed the bt mac addr in it. and my amazfish sees the watch. it sees the gps version, for example. it sees the serial.17:28
norayrbut in debug info, tests don't make the watch to receive anything.17:29
norayrand i cannot download the data.17:29
norayri understand how hard is for you to be able to understand what is going on so remotely.17:29
norayralso by not having such an os/device.17:29
norayrwhen i enter data graphs, download data is not enabled, not active.17:30
norayrbut at least now bt is connected and the app thinks it is paired, because the config file says so.17:30
norayri guess the watch now doesn't know that it is paired.17:30
norayrbecause last time it was paired with someone's android phone. and since that it did not receive a pairing suggestion. though the gnome settings bluetooth shows it connected. maybe i can unpair and pair it in gnome settings, it is safer.17:32
norayrif i unpair it from watch, then why did i bring the old file from backup.17:32
norayrmy problem was that when i was pressing on amazfit bip, nothing was happening.17:32
norayri removed the divice in gonem settings. but then i click on it, and it is 'connected'.17:33
norayrnothing happens on watch side.17:34
norayranyway it shows connected now. it suggests to disconnect.17:41
norayrbut data graphs - download data is not enabled.17:42
norayrpiggz, can you tell me if i should do a factory reset of the watch in order to force the app/daemon to pair to it?17:46
norayror the watch which is paired to some other phone still should be able to pair with this one.17:46
norayrwhen i stop the daemon and start it myself in console, i only see 'starting', and then 'mpris: failed attempting to connect to dbus' and segmentation fault. but when it starts by itself, it starts well.17:48
piggz[m]norayr: its a Bip right? i think it needs paired to get all info .. without proper pairing, it can see some info IIRC, probably why it shows gps/serial ... but it will probably also disconnect, becuase it has to via the pairing process with the app19:00
piggz[m]can you get the daemon logs from journal or such on that OS?19:01
norayrso the logs are in... do you write in systemd log?19:01
piggz[m]well, they go to stdout, and systemd puts them in the journal on sailfish19:02
piggz[m]journalctl | grep amaz does it here19:02
norayrmaybe that's why i cannot find the log.19:02
norayryes but on alpine/postmarketos there is no systemd.19:03
piggz[m]are they in syslog?19:03
norayri'll see, i didn't find.19:03
piggz[m] /var/log/messages ?19:03
norayri'll try19:03
norayrin a couple of minutes19:03
norayri installed syslog-ng and it created /var/log/messages, but when the daemon/watch would write there?19:11
norayrshould i restart so that daemon also restarts?19:11
norayrok, installed rsyslog instead, rebooting.19:13
piggz[m]norayr: what is in the .desktop file which launches the service? does it set any env vars?19:16
norayrno. i'll show you in a minute. i checked.19:16
norayrthat's the desktop file:
piggz[m]that doesnt launch the daemon though19:23
piggz[m]can you list the package contents?19:24
norayrthis is it:
norayri also don't understand how the daemon starts.19:25
riniguspiggz: pong19:28
piggzrinigus: there was a question from poetaster about using webhooks on chum:testing19:28
riniguspoetaster: as you could see, we are not very enthusiastic about it :)19:28
rinigus... after about a day or more of silence19:29
rinigusI suspect that the problem will be submission to chum from chum:testing. there is a risk it will slip through.19:29
riniguspoetaster: if you wish to use webhook for testing, you could do it in some private OBS repo. just set chum:testing as provider for libs, if needed19:30
riniguspiggz: what do you think about poetaster's question?19:30
norayrnothing in /var/log/messages, which appeared19:31
norayri see the list, i select bip19:31
norayrit gets selected19:31
piggzrinigus: at first i wasnt so against it ... but now you made me think, the service file would copy directly to chum19:31
norayronce i remove the finger it gets unselected.19:31
riniguspiggz: yes, so we will start rejecting requests from :testing . ideally, it is not needed19:32
norayrcan we force the daemon to write the log somewhere else?19:33
norayrwhen i strace the daemon, and press, choose the bip watch, then unpress it19:34
norayrnothing happens in strace of the daemon.19:34
piggznorayr: well, ideally you could run it from a terminal ... but you say it crashes?19:34
norayrstrace of the daemon shows something that seems to be timer, it works by timer, and sleeps.19:34
norayryes it crashes. without any arguments?19:35
norayri have no idea how they run it19:35
norayrin which file from the package content do you think i should look?19:35
norayrok i found19:35
piggzwhats usr/libexec/amazfish-launcher19:36
piggzthats not mine :D19:36
norayrit is started by /etc/xdg/autostart/amazfish.desktop which contains the call,19:36
piggzwhy do packagers not upstream stuff19:36
norayrand TryExec=/usr/bin/harbour-amazfishd19:36
piggzwhats that launcher? i shell script?19:37
norayrthis is the launcher:
norayrand this starts it:
norayrok i killed the daemon19:39
norayrlet me try starting the script.19:39
norayrbut... i guess the daemon daemonizes itself?19:39
piggzit just runs as a normal process19:39
piggztry running the script but without the exec call19:40
norayrthis is what happens when i run it from shell, and strace, this is how it crashes:
norayri cannot run and strace from user i believe, so i did as root.19:41
norayrMpris: Failed attempting to connect to DBus19:43
norayrthat's why it dies, i guess.19:43
norayrbut dbus is started.19:43
norayrif i restart it, everything, the ui of the phone restarts.19:44
piggz[m]1/ you are trying to run as root, not user, and 2/ I suspect an XDG env var is not set, so it cant find the bus19:44
norayryes! probably! as user it also crashes. with failure to connect to dbus.19:45
norayrprobably when started from within the shell, the shell knows the XDG env vars.19:45
norayrand when i connect via ssh, i don't know those19:45
norayri started it in terminal, without ssh.19:46
piggzthatll do it19:47
norayri exported the same vars from ssh, and now the daemon starts in ssh. and i can copy paste and send everything to you.19:50
norayrso first of all, shell the bt be connected to watch or not?19:51
norayri believe now i removed the device from bt settings.19:51
norayryes, it is not set up.19:52
norayrshould i 'set up' it? in gnome settings.19:52
norayror i can pair in console.19:52
norayrok, the daemon log shows that it sees that the watch connected.19:52
norayrwhen i connected it in gnome settings19:52
norayrnow when i press many times to the amazfit bip watch in the list of watches19:53
norayr2023-01-09 23:53:21.900 : virtual void HuamiDevice::onPropertiesChanged(QString, QVariantMap, QStringList) "org.bluez.Device1" QMap(("RSSI", QVariant(short, -60))) ()19:53
norayrthese strings repeat themselves in the daemon log.19:54
norayrnot sure that it is triggered by the press. i don't press anymore, i think those are appearing19:54
norayr - this is the log so far.19:55
norayri see it is disconnected in bluetooth settings.19:57
norayrconnecting again19:57
norayri should not reset the watch right?20:01
norayrto generate the new hardware address. i am afraid i won't be able to make it work if i reset it.20:01
norayrit can connect to the app without being reset right?20:01
norayrit seems it is not possible to work with reset watch. i need the android app to make it work again.20:16
piggz[m]remove from gnome settings, and do everything from the app20:20
norayrso even with reset watch which 'open the app to pair' i can do that from the app?20:21
norayrwhich shows20:21
piggzshould be able to on a bip yes20:21
piggzpairing is quite well supported and simple on that device20:21
piggzjust to be sure, reset watch, delete pairingg from gnome, killa daemone and app20:22
piggzstart daemon, start app, try and scan/pair from app20:22
piggzand send logs if it doesnt work20:22
piggzyou should get a tick/cross dialog on watch if its working20:22
norayrshell i remove the config file?20:23
norayrlet me try from afresh20:23
piggzshouldnt need to, but if you like20:23
piggzive done many pairings with an old device config there20:24
norayrsooo, eventually, i cliced on amazfit bip, and it remains selected20:26
norayrbut now what?20:26
norayrit is just selected20:26
norayrinthe log i see 2023-01-10 00:27:08.035 : DeviceInterface::onRefreshTimer20:27
norayronly that.20:27
piggzhmmm, can you runthe UI from a terminal? ... if it doesnt change dialog after clicking the watch, i suspect there is a QML error being printed preventing loading the next page20:31
norayrcomponent is not ready20:35
norayrfile /usr/lib/qt5/qml/org/kde/kirigami.2/PageRow,qml:916: Error while loading page: qrc:/qml/pages/PairPage.qml:2 module "org.kde.bluezqt" is not installed.20:35
norayrso i need to find that package.20:35
norayrnow it wooorks. trying to pair20:40
norayri see the list of devices.20:40
norayri will report that to the maintainer. (though so far i only was able to find his name, not the email)20:41
piggz[m]as i suspecte d:)20:41
norayri don't get this pairing request on the watch anyway, yet. maybe it'll be able to do so if i setup it with android. :/20:43
norayrqrc:/qml/components/platform/PagePL.qml:49: TypeError: Value is undefined and could not be converted to an object20:43
norayromg it worked!20:43
norayrthaaank you Adam!20:44
piggzno prob20:51
piggz[m]norayr: you could also suggest to packager they could upstream scripts for others to use also21:30
norayri wrote him an email.21:41
norayrwhat do you mean by upstreaming scripts?21:42
norayrwhat was there, just that libexec script with two lines, right?21:42
norayrok, i'll add the email with the suggestion of upstreaming everything he finds useful.21:43
norayri hope my email will get read.21:43

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