Sunday, 2023-01-15

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Wizzuphello! I'm working on trying to use voicecall ( in maemo leste, I've already packaged it, and now I'm trying to write a ui with it. Is there any example on how to use this in an application? I see that the codebase contains a bunch of very useful dbus classes to handle and initiate calls, but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to use it. For example,19:38
Wizzuphaving some pkgconfig/cmake files that make it easier to link against the code and such?19:38
attahWizzup: perhaps?20:18
Wizzupthanks, will take a look20:22
kamroMister_Magister: about tg_owt: didn't you build it for Yottagram?22:42
Wizzupattah: that looks to be for qml/declarative only, I think22:43

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