Monday, 2023-01-16

attahWizzup: what are you after then? everything SFOS is quite Qt17:25
norayrso both on pmos and maemo, on pinephone, i notice that the heart rate gets downloaded, and the graph gets drawn, but the current heart rate isn't shown.17:38
norayrit's always zero.17:38
norayrmaybe with qtquick it would not have those arrows? maybe it would be more mobile friendly?17:51
piggz[m]norayr: if you find issues with the platform code or qml, happy to take fixes18:01
piggz[m]with so many distros pacakging it now, would be nice to get fixes for the less-tested user interfaces18:02
Wizzupattah: I was thinking something that was Qt but not-qml18:05
Wizzupattah: I'm working on making some changes to the .pro files now, to export the headers and create a pkg-config file, if I somehow get it work I'll report back18:05
attahbest of luck!18:07
norayrpiggz, heh, not sure i can do a pr in this case. but let's see.18:26
norayrbtw i mailed the alpine maintainer but he never replied.18:26
norayr about the bug in his package where the dependency is not listed.18:26
*** Mikaela is now known as Guest151920:14
Wizzupattah: looks like it works, will finish the proof of concept tomorrow, maybe make a pr in a week or two23:50
Wizzup(it = me changing the packaging to add pkgconfig etc)23:50

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