Tuesday, 2023-01-17

piggzflypig: mal: sad PR https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/sailfishos-chum-gui/pull/133#issuecomment-138470317008:26
dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, I wish you're fine. I was busy and didn't have time to start working on the thisAndFuture stuff (mkcal and nemo-qml-plugin-calendar). I rebased and rework the mkcal PR#40 though.08:31
pvuoreladcaliste: hey. good here, but soon need to be away for a moment. noticed the #40 but didn't yet look more closely as it was updated just a while ago.08:35
dcalisteSure, no problem. I just finished working on it yesterday.08:40
dcalisteIt was mainly to mention. I didn't have time neither last week to investigate the behaviour of the email tone in the small QML reproducer for NGF bug. Maybe this week will be better ;) and we can have a longer discussion next week !08:44
pvuoreladcaliste: alright :)08:55
spookiehei! I just got a Xperia 10 IV, is there any way to get Sailfish OS running on it? I know there isn't official support, and I'm not sure if there'll ever be14:19
rubdos[m]I just throw myself on here, right? https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/fosdem-23-community-dinner/1411915:04
attahpiggz: pinhole+libcamera... would this mean support for usb cameras by any chance?18:32
piggzattah: erm, maybe18:32
piggzi guess so18:32
attahcool! would be perfect for those inspection cameras, and perhaps there are some compatible IR ones too18:34
attahSure, i'm the lucky owner of perhaps the second TOHiri IR camera otherside in existence... but my Jolla 1 does not boot18:35
attahand i think the resolution was something like 64 *pixels*18:36
piggzattah: yeah, its a good idea19:06
attah:) What's the progress like, is it something that is testable already?19:07
piggzattah: well, yeah, the viewfinder works, it probes any available cameras19:14
attahi might just have to look into that :)19:15
piggzattah: libcamera is in the native-common repo19:15
attahHmm... i understand the words, but still lost unfortunately19:17
attahOh, i see https://build.merproject.org/project/show/nemo:devel:hw:native-common19:18
attahNow, if i could just finagle that into sfdk19:19
piggzattah: well, ive just been doing that, let me check my bash history19:19
piggzsfdk tools exec SailfishOS-
piggz^^ gets shell19:20
piggzssu ar native-common https://repo.sailfishos.org/obs/nemo:/devel:/hw:/native-common/sailfish_latest_aarch64/19:21
piggzssu ur19:21
piggzzypper ref19:21
piggzzypper in libcamera-devel19:21
piggzsomething like that19:21
attahHmm... still can't find it... but surely that should have worked, so i'll poke about some more19:23
piggzattah: the snapshotting of build targets can be quite frustrating19:26
attahMaybe my mistake is exiting to build after19:26
piggzattah: if this works out, maybe ill push libcamera to chum, instead of native-common19:33
piggzmal: ^^19:33
attahThat would be cool... i still have to figure out how to not get the snapshot reset at start of build19:34
malpiggz: wouldn't that need libcamera and friends in chum also?19:39
malnot sure how many things it depends on19:39
piggzmal: i meant libcamera19:39
piggzinfact, thats what i said :)19:39
piggzattah: i just install the repo to the snapshot19:40
malpiggz: ah, I misread and was thinking you were talking about the app19:40
attahthat's what it is telling me that i'm doing... but then at "sfdk build" it starts off with: Resetting snapshot 'SailfishOS-' of 'SailfishOS-' target...19:42
piggzattah: you can run the commands in both instances19:43
attahwait, there are more now?19:43
piggzthere are 2 targets, one with .default19:44
piggzthey should add an easy method of adding repos to a build19:44
attahyes, that would be nice19:45
attahokay, the non-default worked... one is based on the other or?19:45
attahwooo, installed19:47
attahnow to figure out why it doesn't start19:48
piggzattah: yeah, one is the clean one which the other gets reset to i think19:48
attahsegfault in QVariant... oh, joy19:49
piggzattah: nice, ill get a PR im sure!19:49
attahdon't hold your breath19:50
piggzattah: you could first install libcamera-tools and confirm with cam/qcam19:51
piggzcam -l lists camera19:51
attahdon't have the tools installed... but perhaps it helps19:53
attahPerhaps no available cameras has this effect19:54
attahneed to find the adapter19:54
malpiggz: libcamera doesn't seem to have many problematic dependencies19:55
piggzthats good ... might be useful if it allows usb cameras to be used by regular hybris devices19:55
attahCamera connected... still not listed with cam -l :/19:58
attahlooks ok in lsusb i think19:58
attahlol... cam on my desktop sefaults20:00
attahand people say printers are hard...20:02
piggzattah: so, i guess its not detected by v4l?20:06
piggzneeds a kernel driver maybe20:06
attahno... i think that worked, or at least vlc called it v4l20:07
direc85[m]Windows Hello enabled cameras on Linux are...fun.20:36
direc85[m]My laptop has a camera that shows up as, idunno, four different cameras with different properties and two of them seem to IR or b/w cameras and if I touch them, the application in question freezes.20:37
direc85[m]In another topic...20:38
direc85[m]What's the easiest way to share a picture I took with WhatsApp to SFOS?20:40
direc85[m]Besides manually copying the file to ~/Pictures. I'd like to avoid that...20:40
attahYeah... that's not great. But i think Teams has stopped hanging on that device for me20:40
attahAnd it doesn't show under Android in the gallery?20:41

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