Monday, 2023-01-23

mrJoeHello, it has come to my attention that people say they sent an sms to me but I never received it. So I have started to run ofono with logging enabled. Just now I see a “incoming sms, 167 bytes” but in the logging. But the phone itself is not displaying any new SMS message, this is on a Xperia 10 II .13:53
mrJoeJan 23 12:39:26 Jeroen21 ofonod[15782]: src/sms.c:ofono_sms_deliver_notify() len 167 tpdu len 15913:58
mrJoeJan 23 12:39:26 Jeroen21 ofonod[15782]: src/sms.c:handle_deliver()13:58
mrJoeJan 23 12:39:26 Jeroen21 ofonod[15782]: src/binder_sms.c:binder_sms_ack() slot1 ok13:58
maldoes reboot help?14:04
malwhich sailfish version?14:04
mrJoeI can’t tell if a reboot helps as I just happened to see this by change right now. But I don’t think so as I rebooted the phone 3 days ago.14:05
mrJoeBuild version
mrJoeAlso i can’t reproduce it myself, if I send myself a message from a different phone it is received (without a reboot)14:09
mrJoeThere is a differnece in the logging with the succesfull one though. Because the succesfull one also logs “src/sms.c:sms_dispatch()”  and “src/sms.c:sms_dispatch() dst -1 src -1”  those 2 log lines don’t appear for the one which is now nowhere to be seen14:12
mrJoeI attempted to decode the logged message / pdu data in the test-sms-root.c unit test, that went succesfully and was readable. But while testing this out I managed the test to accidentall fail because the sms_assembly didn’t get cleaned correctly and suddenly an existing test was failing because sms_assembly_add_fragment was returning null.16:34
mrJoeSo that got me looking on my phone, and at /var/lib/ofono/20…300/sms_assembly it looked like there were still some sms fragments left from a few months ago. I have removed them and restarted ofono, so lets see if that was the cause.16:35
mrJoeIf it is however, that is not something that a regular user might find out, he or she might not even be aware that sms messages are not received / delivered to the messages application.16:37

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