Tuesday, 2023-01-24

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pvuoreladcaliste: hey09:01
dcalisteGood morning pvuorela.09:01
dcalisteThanks for merging the DST fix yesterday.09:02
pvuorelasure, thanks for the PR.09:03
pvuorelathe thisandlater i'm about to merge nowish.09:03
dcalisteDo you think it will have time to go in a new RC before the release ?09:03
pvuorelawhich one?09:04
dcalisteThe DST fix, I mean.09:04
pvuorelahm. not sure. we should be wrapping up the release and it's not a regression. though it is a simple change.09:04
dcalisteI understand, do as best as it can be done knowing the release planning.09:06
pvuorelayea, i'm somewhere in the middle of whether to include or not.09:06
dcalisteAbout the mkcal thisandfuture, I noticed that I forgot to bump the version in the spec. I know that you'll tag and the builder will take it, but do you want me to quickly amend the PR ?09:07
pvuoreladoesn't matter much. no objections if you want.09:07
dcalisteYeh, I've pushed the version change. It's easier for me since I build in the SDK and the generated RPM has the spec version. Then, in jolla-calendar when I bump the requires in the spec, there is no complain when I install.09:10
dcalisteNot a big bdeal, I can still force installation of rpms, but it's cleaner like that.09:10
pvuorelayep, helps with self-built packages.09:10
dcalisteI don't know if you had time to look at the silica PR on the AutoFill bug for the location entry for events in calendar ?09:13
pvuorelaah, sorry. that one i forgot existed.09:13
pvuorelaadding to my todo list09:13
dcalisteThanks, some thoughts when you'll review it : I'm wondering in the initial design why saving one AutoFill is trigerring save for all autofill ? Was it in case different entries use the same autofill database file and it must be kept in sync ?09:14
pvuorelaalright. no immediate idea :)09:16
dcalisteHopefully I'm not disturbing too much and the PR is not a bug fix, so no hurry, but I'm also wondering if mkcal#40 is a good idea or not. It tries to hide internal exception implementation in mkcal from clients. But it comes with the cost that in the callback of a save, the reported inxcidence may not be part of the calendar…09:19
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dcalisteTo finish, thanks for reporting internally the issue with the email feedback.09:24
pvuorelaseemed messy indeed. hoping jusa would have some time soon to make it saner.09:26
dcalisteIf he's too busy, you may grant me access to the closed source config repo, I may try to propose something and he'll review.09:27
pvuorelalet's see. there could be an option to merge the different open and closed configs too, and would rather have jusa do that.09:28
dcalisteSure, I agree.09:29
dcalisteThank you for the meeting today. I'm attending another one on lithium insertion in graphite now. Thanks also for the various reviews. See you.09:30
pvuorelanice :) thanks and see you!09:32
henkanyone here using a pebble (time steel in particular maybe?) with sailfish and can tell me if that works well and what to expect to not work?20:14
b100dian[m]https://openrepos.net/comment/41261#comment-41261 Time steel seems to work :)20:19
henkyes, and a maintained app, which is nice20:27

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