Wednesday, 2023-01-25

WizzupI managed to use sailfish voicecall-manager and the supporting code to add a telepathy backend to maemo, and now I am wondering how sailfish uses telepathy-ring to make calls, since when I use it, it makes anonymous calls by default11:30
Wizzupas I am writing this though, I realise that sailfish voicecall-manager *also* has a ofono backend, but I am not really sure if that is used instead of tp-ring11:30
Wizzup(I imagine it's not)11:31
Wizzuptelepathy qt has this notion of anonymous channels, but sailfish/voicecalls doesn't seem to make use of that11:31
Wizzup(my code is here
Wizzup(sorry if offtopic)11:32
Wizzupit is my understanding that could be used in plugins//providers/telepathy/src/callchannelhandler.cpp to implement anonimity11:34
Wizzupbut still, this begs the question to me, how does it work in sfos currently, as in, why aren't all calls anonymous? :)11:34
WizzupI mean, in voice call manager the setAnonymous method could be called, but that requires changing the dbus interface between voicecall-manager and the client11:46
poetasterany see  'error: %changelog not in descending chronological order' with on obs? I've checked and it only appears with that build. And the order seems correct.15:26
poetasters/any\ see/anyone\ see/15:27
poetasterhmmmm. obs is stuck. and odd. that's ok.18:07
poetasterrinigus, you got time for a chat the next couple of days?18:08
riniguspoetaster: not the full days :), but can allocate some time in the evenings. Going now through your responses18:12
Speedy`jala Accione P seems to be the last phone made with pure SFos?19:42
attahTo come with it preinstalled perhaps... but the Sailfish X program is a thing, so it doesn't matter that much19:45
Speedy` nice vid anyways19:53
poetasterrinigus, just let me know when. I can make time.21:50
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