Thursday, 2023-01-26

poetasterobs: Job seems to be stuck here, killed. (after 28800 seconds of inactivity)08:02
Wizzuppvuorela: do you perhaps have any idea about my questions regarding 'anonymous' calls (hiding the caller id, or rather, how to not hide the caller id)?11:09
poetasterpiggz, rinigus could you please poke to build again. seems to never build. and stalled12:43
poetasterpiggz, rinigus on testing all but built.12:43
piggzpoetaster: perhaps if you fix the error it will build with 4.2 ? :)12:47
poetasterpiggz, the error doesn't appear to be an error. it also builds in testing, so I don't see the relationship?14:08
piggzpoetaster: no, 4.214:09
piggz4.2 doesnt build in testing either14:09
poetasterpiggz, look at the error, look at the changes (automatically generated). Why would they build everywhere but 4.2 ? I can remove the changes file I suppose.14:11
piggzpoetaster: there is a line at the bottom in non order ... mayber 4.2 is more strict?14:11
poetasterah, that's not even the current changes. I see some cases where *Thu the space is missing. hmmm.14:14
poetasterpiggz, just pushed a new tag with new changes and it's not being updated on obs. Don't get it.14:20
poetasterI think it's because molan added some manually. hmmm.14:25
poetasterso, delete changes since it has no purpose anyway. sigh.14:25
poetastershit. the only way to fix this disable git-change-log. what a waste of time.14:27
poetasterpiggz, it's not current git-change-log either. there' something broken with the image. can we just disable
poetasterpiggz, I don't get what I should do. If I remove the change notes, it'll generate something that no longer reflects the changes. so I think I have to disable git-change-log.14:39
poetastergood thing I wrote my own scripts.14:39
poetasterpiggz, I don't know what obs is doing, but I've disabled the git-chang-log line and the file that's being generated is not what's in the repo. don't get. And I'm out of time.14:49
poetasterI really don't get it. disable please.14:51
piggzdoes it irritate your ocd? :D14:52
poetasterI'm going to have to look that up. I'm too irritated in my ocd.14:52
poetasterno, no, no. I friggen manic depressive :)14:53
poetasterSadly, I don't qualify for ocd. I'm compulsive but not obsessive enough. That'd be you :D14:54
poetasterpiggz, funny enough, my BA major was psych. after 2 years of volunteer work for the Canadian Mental Health Association, I realized I was the wrong type!15:05
poetasterpigzz, I gathered some pidstats from GS5. raw (pidstats -I 1 10800)15:48
poetasterpiggz, and datamashed: (datamash  -H --sort --whitespace -g 10 min 9 q1 9 median 9 q3 9 max 9  < pidstats.p.log > pidstats.out.txt)15:49
riniguspoetaster: I can chat now (if you happen to be around) or, let's say, at 20:00 central european tz16:35
rinigus... meanwhile, will reply to your comments in the issues16:36
poetaster10 minutes?16:36

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