Friday, 2023-01-27

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poetasteranyone here also building for ubuntu touch?17:29
piggz[m]poetaster: not personally, but maemo leste devs have been packaging some off my apps using kirigami controls19:54
poetasterpiggz[m], thanks. I shall ask them!20:05
piggzpoetaster: what are you trying to do?20:06
poetasterpiggz, get someone to try to compile fahrplan in it's current state.20:19
piggzpoetaster: uses silica?20:31
Solrac[m]Hello. I sorta have a bug? I'm sharing Internet however the peripheral ( in this case a laptop) isn't getting Internet, but the phone is20:57
Solrac[m]I think the only thing i can say of note id that i tried to install waydroid but failed. After messing up i just uninstalled21:55

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