Tuesday, 2023-01-31

dcalisteHello pvuorela, I did not much in relation to Sailfish last week. So just a word to say that I've started a branch deprecating load(uid, recid) and replacing internally load(uid) with the behaviour of loadSeries(uid). I've also started a branch in jolla-calendar with a third button to delete all later recurring occurrences. I still need to add one based on thisAndFuture support in mKCal when modifying.08:25
pvuoreladcaliste: sure, didn't expect much to discuss now.08:33
pvuoreladcaliste: both of those sound good.08:34
dcalisteExactly, it was more to give status. By the way, I'll be off all next week but should be back for Tuesday 14th.08:35
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lolekhi, I'm having a problem with SFOS QML. I'm trying to get a signal from the SettingsPage.qml up to the BrowserPage.qml but I'm unable to do so. I declared the signal inside of the SettingsPage.qml which I'm firing there but how do I handle this inside of the BrowserPage? should I just do: Connections { target: page onMySignal: ... ? the id of a Settings is page but when I try to do that  I got of course error that page is not defin16:41
lolek... any ideas?16:41
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