Wednesday, 2023-02-01

poetasterlolek, you got that solved with nephros help, or?11:41
malpiggz[m]: poetaster: hi, about chum build, do we need those older targets like pre-3.4.0 and also those non-final release like
malwas meant to rinigus12:53
poetastermal, I think only olf (?) cares about pre 3.4 but rinigus will know better.13:15
poetastermal, olf was / is supporting openrepos storeman for older releases.13:16
malpoetaster: do you think we can remove those non-final release builds?13:45
malfor example early access targets are quite useless probably now13:46
maland most people should have updated to latest version anyway13:46
poetastermal, 3.1 and 3.2 and 3.3 would be what you mean? I dimly remember olf saying 3.2 was important, though I can't imagine why.13:52
malpoetaster: I mean those,,, and of course those very old ones13:53
mal4.3.0.15 and were the final ones of those13:54
poetastermal, yes, that was clear. it's more a question for ports maintainers, I think. most ports will, however only need one or two older than current.13:55
malpoetaster: is olf somewhere on irc or elsewhere+13:55
poetastermal, forum only, I think. I do have his phone number.13:56
poetastermal, it's a lot of dead code from my vantage and wasts compute. But I think, (piggz?) can go. but, for instance, piggz never did .68 so he'd see that different.13:59
malyeah, those make building things much slower14:00
poetastermal, I don't know about 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 since as a dev I'm gradually not supporting older than 4.214:00
poetastermal, that's clear, the less, the merrier.14:01
poetasterI'd toss, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2,, without flinching. but I'm probably evil.14:02
mal3.4.0 is there because it's last release of jolla phone14:03
poetastermal, I'd keep the old 3.3 & 3.4, but I'm unsure of the utility of 4.0, for instance?14:03
malyeah, make one or two of those old ones and then maybe like 3 latest final releases14:04
malthat should be enough for most people14:04
poetastermal, I believe so. olf will probably kill me :)14:05
malmaybe we could ask on forum14:06
poetastermal, I can do so if you wish?14:06
malsure, go ahead14:07
poetastermal. ok.14:08
poetastermal, by 3 latest final do you mean,,
malyes, then 3.4.0 and maybe some other if needed14:09
poetasterok. I'll post a question in General?14:11
malnot sure where chum discussion is there usually14:11
malwe might also consider keeping the non-final release of 4.4.0 for a while so we don't immediately remove those when new release comes14:12
poetasterit's distributed, announcements, was were the re-float note went14:12
poetastermal, I'll go general.14:13
Ketois the build number in the version necessary? would it work if going forward we would have just x.y.z, which will point to what ever is the last x.y.z.n release14:20
malKeto: that would be nice but not sure what changes would be needed for that14:21
malpoetaster: you forgot 3.4.014:22
poetastermal, I've made a 'conservative' suggestion, noting you would probably trim more which, personally, I'd also do. I've mentioned @olf and @piggz and 'waves hands at porters).14:22
malah, sorry misread14:22
poetasteryeah, remove, maybe I should have listed the keeps :)14:22
malmaybe the post should mention this is mostly about chum14:23
poetastermal, ok, I think that's important. I'll edit.14:23
malports usually have the older targets disabled so those won't build14:23
poetastermal, whic makes sense since they probably wont build :)14:24
malyeah, no need to rebuild those and prevents accidents if someone changes the common hw project14:24
malI think I would change the topic of that thread to "What releases should chum support"14:25
poetasterOk, will do14:27
poetasterok, done.14:28
poetasterreminds me, I'm still running 2.2 on the jolla phone. sigh.14:28
malhopefully there will be some discussion14:28
poetastermal, ah, there's a lot going on. I sent out a grant application yesterday, rubados is getting me feedback and I think that key peer project will go, the sailmates in austria are ramping up and, and, and all the bugs !14:30
poetastergood ting I'm unemployed for a a while. it feels a bit like a full time job, this SFOS thing :)14:30
poetasterI hope all you sailors are'nt drowning in work.14:33
poetastermal, we have feedback coming in ;)14:51
rinigusmal and Keto: would be nice to trim chum at OBS. as I posted in forum, ideally it could be done via stats and cutting off repos without external to OBS downloads (some packages depend on each other during build making false positives).18:11
rinigusnot sure whether it is simple, though18:11
piggzrinigus: i guess you actioned all flypig's submits today :)18:16
riniguspiggz: no, I didn't. I was sure it was you :) .18:17
piggzoh :)18:17
riniguspiggz: he revoked them18:18
rinigusI guess there is a bug to fix...18:18
Ketowe probably need to investigate the possibility to alias or link the extra point releases on the server side. or have option for something like %(release_major) in ssu repo url templates19:04
Ketoor how do you manage the chum repo url on the device? I should probably at some point use the chum client and check what it does :)19:07
piggz_Keto: it doesnt do anything weird :)19:10
poetastermal, I hope you're satisfied that there has been somme discussion ;)20:29
flypigpiggz_, rinigus, sorry for all the revoked requests. There should still be one remaining.22:06
piggz_flypig: i dont see any22:08
flypigpiggz_, thanks for checking... I see now it was already accepted by rinigus. Thank you both!22:09
piggz_ah ok, glad its sorted :)22:09

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