Thursday, 2023-02-02

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piggzViGe: Thaodan: flypig: any eta for 4.5 on obs? chum gui needs rebuilt due to a .so version change in some lib, so onld version cant wait, and users asking already :)12:54
ViGepiggz: Sorry, no ETA yet.13:01
loleksomething fresh:, just did update to and browser doesn't start, no error nothing, nada, null :d14:08
malwhich device?14:17
lolekxperia 1014:24
maland from both commandline and launcher?14:25
lolekit was update from
lolekI just tried: /usr/bin/invoker --type=browser,silica-qt5 -A -- /usr/bin/sailfish-browser per pherjung[m] suggestion, the same result - nothing14:26
lolekstrace also doesn't show anything suspicious in my opinion14:26
piggzchum 4.5 is building16:19
pherjung[m]lolek: perhaps reinstalling sailfish-browser may help16:23
lolektried... zypper in -f sailfish-browser16:24
lolekno luck16:24
lolekalso tried to remove the ~/.mozilla and ~/.config/org.sailfhs/browser or something like this... same16:24
pherjung[m]which changes did you applied on your phone? Any patch?16:26
lolekpherjung[m]: none I'm disabling all patches before I do update16:33
pherjung[m]You mean, you disabled?16:34
abrdoes it return or just hang? how long does it take to return if it does.16:55
lolekpherjung[m]: yes I did disable patches before upgrading17:00
lolekenabled after... but then disabled to see if the patches cause issues actually it was one patch my patch so I checked in the qml files if it's really disabled - it was17:00
lolekjust checked qml file permissions of the browser - correct17:01
lolekabr: less than a second I think, it return it doesn't hang17:01
lolekabr: yep. 0.42s17:02
abrhmm, sounds like the gecko engine might not be starting17:02
abryou could try force installing xulrunner17:02
lolekdrop info and I'll try17:04
lolekzypper in xulrunner-qt5?17:05
pherjung[m]at least, it's installed on my side17:05
lolekhere too but let me force install17:06
pherjung[m]oh, does webengine work?17:07
lolekhow to check this?17:07
pherjung[m]Fuoten use it17:07
lolekwhat's fuoten?17:07
pherjung[m]Quickddit too17:08
pherjung[m]and your mails17:08
lolekyou mean mail client? if so then yes.. mail display properly17:08
pherjung[m]if you read an html mail17:08
abryeah force it for sure. it's a really huge library, so might well have gone wrong while writing17:08
lolekyes so I think it's working it display mail on white bg with coloured text17:09
lolekxulrunner already reinstalled, no changes17:09
lolekmail client working properly, display html mail17:09
lolekyaaa it's working... what I did... I removed sailfish-browser-searchengines cause I thought, why not17:14
lolekthen I checked running processes zypper ps -s then I spot a lot of booster-browser processes... I killed all of them and booster-silica-media17:15
lolektried to start browser - works!17:15
lolekreinstalled sailfish-browser-searchengines - works17:15
lolekso it seems the culprit was booster, but why?17:16
pherjung[m]I don't see sailfish-browser-searchengines on my phone17:16
lolekit's extra package to be able to se different search engines17:16
pherjung[m]you installed it manually? From where?17:17
lolekdon't remember :d17:18
lolekpackage name: sailfish-browser-searchengines-0.0.11-10.6.1.jolla.noarch17:19
lolekpherjung[m]: it comes from repo: openrepos-coderus17:21
lolekbut as I said, I doubt it's the culprit17:21
abryou don't really need that searchengines thing anymore. when you visit the sites then the search plugins get automatically collected and you can select them from the browser settings page17:26
lolekanyway, thank you for support!17:26
abrif the format's wrong, it could be breaking things?17:26
lolekabr: but I reinstalled it now and there's no problem17:26
abrah ok cool!17:27
lolekso I think the booster-browser was stuck or something17:27
lolekcause it's the only logical explanation17:27
lolekhmm keyboard died... o.O17:29
lolekbtw, does echo cancellation issue on 10 III exists on every single one or it's just random?17:31
pherjung[m]Have you OKboard installed?17:32
loleknope - from what I remember but I had some modified keyboard because I was playing with adding word suggestions17:33
lolekprobably it's because of that17:33
lolekneed to remove it17:33
lolekehh removed by prease-pl, hunspell-pl changed lang to eng in settings, restarted mailit and still no keyboard only blank square :/17:39
pherjung[m]you need to restart which manage language prediction17:41
lolekdo you know how can I see errors generated by opening the keyboard?17:41
pherjung[m]I'm searching his name17:41
pherjung[m]journalctl -f17:42
loleksystemctl --user restart maliit-server <- I did this17:42
lolekno errors in journal :/17:42
pherjung[m]I meant xt9-server17:42
lolekxt9? isn't this only in paid version?17:43
pherjung[m]well yeah17:43
pherjung[m]you don't have a paid version?17:43
lolekI reinstalled also this: jolla-keyboard-layout-all jolla-keyboard-layout-western jolla-keyboard17:43
piggzpoetaster: good news for you, im probbaly going to switch to v22 as my main17:48
lolekpherjung[m]: do you have any ideas what I can check?17:50
lolekremoved presage-lang-en_US and still nothing :/17:55
lolekit's odd ... doing upgrade to .72 I didn't have such issues17:58
loleklooks like 4.5 ha more conflicting changes17:59
pherjung[m]I hadn't any problem upgrading my X10 II18:01
lolekwell I remove right now also hunspell18:02
lolektrying to remove everything I find related to keyboard18:02
lolekand leave only original one18:02
pherjung[m]stop maliit-server, run journalctl -f, restart maliit-server18:03
pherjung[m]and open an app requiring the keyboard18:03
lolekhmm ok18:04
lolekbtw if that matter I have keyboard on the lock screen no problem of displaying the full keyboard18:04
lolekbut only during boot18:04
lolekonce the phone is fully started and I need to type the code again, then there's no full keyboard18:04
pherjung[m]full keyboard? The new one?18:04
lolekthe same blank square18:04
lolekyes the new one but only during boot phase18:05
lolekso now it's a bigger issue... if someone will get broken keyboard he will be able to boot up the phone, but he won't be able to unlock the screen18:05
lolekError loading plugin from "/usr/lib/maliit/plugins/" "The shared library was not found18:07
lolekdo you have this file?18:07
pherjung[m]Wait a moment18:07
lolekthat hint: stop mailit, run journal, start maliti, open app with keyboard gives no errors18:09
lolekbut that error I have was I think from the lock screen some older error probably18:10
pherjung[m]lolek: Doesn't exists on X10 II. Which phone are you using?18:10
lolekcould be it's just and error message but the file is not needed18:11
lolekehh I wonder what can be the problem18:12
lolekabr: any clues?18:12
pherjung[m]oh, 32bits. That's why18:15
pherjung[m]I'm not at home, but I can have a look tomorrow18:16
loleksure. please drop any ideas cause I'm out of any18:18
lolekand using phoe without keyboard is kind of... tricky18:18
loleknot to say, impossible18:18
pherjung[m]well, uninstall all things you installed is the first step18:20
pherjung[m]perhaps have a look with Install History from Chum18:21
pherjung[m]and remove anything installed locally, from openrepos or chum wich sounds strange18:21
lolekthe problem is that chum is gone after update :/18:22
lolekand  now its hard to install anything from ...storeman as I can't type18:23
pherjung[m]oh, I thought you were using SSH18:23
pherjung[m]It should be this one:
lolekI'm using ssh I installed
lolekbut I can't run it from cmd line: Number of parameters is not 2, but 0: exiting18:29
lolekbut I don't know what params --help is not working18:29
pherjung[m]invoker --type=silica-qt5 --id=sailfishos-chum-gui --single-instance sailfishos-chum-gui18:31
pherjung[m]but sailfishos-chum-gui works too18:33
lolek-bash: sailfishos-chum-gui: not found18:33
lolekkeep in mind I installed the sailfishos-chum-gui-installer18:34
lolekand that one need arguments18:34
lolekpherjung[m]: checked the insall history and it seems I removed everything installed, the problem is that the history now is poluted with the update history18:41
lolekso it's kind of useless18:41
lolekok see ya later/tomorrow18:49
rubdos[m]abr:  Home Assistant is working on voice assistant... iirc the Pebble used to be able to do send audio to Google; how hard would it be to capture that and throw it on Home Assistant?19:25
attahDoes anyone know what the 4.5 Sharing improvement consists of? Sound kinda like outgoing sharing.... but would be neat if it was incoming.19:25
lolekI'm back :>21:46
lolekok I filled a bug report for specific use case which came to my mind: this is of course 100% possible scenario and I would be there if my pw would be alphanum so some workaround is still needed.21:56
lolekehh brb21:56
pherjung[m]which other keyboard have you installed?21:57
lolekwell I had only that presage but it's gone already as I told you21:57
pherjung[m]just wondering, have you Sailfish Utilities installed?21:58
loleksailfish utilities hmm21:59
lolekthe ones where I can restart wlan, restart home screen etc?21:59
lolekif so then yes22:00
lolekand yes.. zypper shows sailfish-utilities as installed, why you ask? You think I should try to remove it?22:01
lolekpherjung[m]: which keyboards you have installed right now in the system? and which spelling engines?22:05
Ketohow is the keyboard broken if there isn't any modifications?22:05
lolekKeto: no idea22:05
lolekthere's again no errors in the log22:05
lolekKeto: you can read out my previous messages22:06
lolekKeto: can you check if you have something like plugins/" "The shared library was not found." in your journalctl?22:30
lolekthis looks similar to my current problem:
Ketonope, I don't have that file or anything about it in journal22:49
pherjung[m]may it be specific to 32bits?22:49
lolek:( I just uninstalled all the apps even patchmanager etc22:52
lolekstill nothing no idea tbh22:53
Ketoyou had presage installed?22:54
lolekyes.. I removed that22:54
lolekhmm not sure which packages I can still remove or maybe reinstall22:57
lolekwould be great to get at least some logs but nothing :/22:57
lolekwell see ya tomorrow23:10

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