Friday, 2023-02-03

pherjung[m]I found a on my XA2 on 4.400:10
lolekso I was thinking more about the issue from yesterday and maybe there's no errors in journalctl from maliit or from enything else because actually the problem is way different? As in this bug report:, I see the placeholder, I can even close it so the events are properly passed. The only thing that's missing are the keys08:00
lolekSo could be that from the system perspective the keyboard properly loaded, Now the question is how to debug this without rebuilding packages and so on, maybe some console.log here and there. I'm not familiar with the structure of keyboard. If someone could drop me some clues I could try to play with this.08:00
Ketololek: dconf dump /sailfish/text_input/08:15
Ketowhat is in acitve_layout and enabled_layouts08:16
lolekKeto: ooo that's interesting... it's still presage08:20
lolekcan you please show me what you have, and some hint how to change this?08:20
Ketodconf write /sailfish/text_input/active_layout '"en.qml"'08:21
Ketodconf write /sailfish/text_input/enabled_layouts '["en.qml"]'08:22
Ketoor it should fix it self if you go change the keyboards in settings08:22
lolekKeto: yes that thing fixed this!08:23
lolekKeto: yes it should but it didn't I was switching keyboard layouts in the settings and nothing08:23
lolekwas using even different countries etc08:23
Ketoweird. welp, good it's fixed08:24
lolekyes it's very weird08:24
lolekyou can try yourself if this will work for you08:24
lolekI mean, try this: dconf write /sailfish/text_input/active_layout '"en-missing.qml"'   dconf write /sailfish/text_input/enabled_layouts '["en-missing.qml"]' restart malit, see if the keyboard is not showing, then go to settings and try to change layout and see if that fix the problem08:27
Ketoyes, changing the layout in settings fixes it for me08:29
lolekhmm not here :/08:29
lolekKeto: ok maybe I'm doing something wrong, how do you actually change active layout?08:33
lolekstep by step08:33
Ketoit does leave the invalid layout in the enabled_layouts dconf value, but keyboard works08:34
loleknot for me08:34
lolekdid you restart malit after modifying manually?08:34
lolekafter doing changes with dconf, do: systemctl --user restart maliit-server08:35
Ketothe keyboard breaks as I write the invalid values08:36
Ketoand selecting Settings > Text Input > Keyboards and Active keyboard fixes it08:36
lolekok then this is a difference somehow08:37
lolekfor me that doesn't fix it08:37
Ketowell I don't really know how any of that works so can't help you any further :)08:40
lolekKeto: well I'm trying to understand something.. when I go to: Settings -> Text Input -> Keyboard... I can only switch keyboard for HW keyboards08:41
Ketoyes, the top ones08:42
KetoI switched hw keyboard first too :)08:42
lolekok this is UI problem :D08:42
lolekI didn't kne there's option to pick up08:42
Ketoyes, when it doesn't have valid option set in the conf value, it shows blank, which doesn't look like it could be interacted with08:44
lolekok so the problems are: uninstalling keyboard (in this case pressage) leave system in broken state. Because of that Settings -> Text Input -> Keyboard shows nothing so at first look user may be confused where he can change keyboard08:44
lolekyes this is ui bug08:44
lolekI'll report this08:44
Ketogoing back to my original question yesterday, no modifications is not the same as "I think i undid all modifications" :)08:50
Ketothat is a good thing to keep in mind in bug reports08:51
lolekKeto: well tbh I would expect that when removing presage, it would fixup dconf09:07
lolekI'm checking if rpm.spec allows this09:07
KetoI think it can't, and it shouldn't as that setting doesn't belong to it. So the problem is more on the keyboard not falling back to some default when it encounters invalid layout09:13
lolekhmm right09:14
lolekso another bug report?:D09:14
Ketoand my point being that presage having been installed is a significant modification in this kind of bug report09:15
lolekwell it's easy to modify the dconf manually09:15
lolekso it can be any keyboard actually09:16
lolekKeto: ok, so three bug reports it seems. Thank you very much for you help!09:22
Ketothank you :)09:22
lolekI think this one: will be hard .. only from the UI point of view.09:24
piggz[m]Interesting, updated an apo from chum, and it didnt install all updates09:43
lolekflypig: can you help? I can't post in the community meeting for 16th ... :/ I left three topics there and that's the limit for replies :(09:48
lolekI'm trying to find out where's defined the overlay for the image I open in gallery. The overal that contains: info button, close button, edit, share, delete button etc? I'm unable to find this :/11:15
abrI can't help with the post count, but I'm pretty sure you can change the bootloader one for something else. Sony devices don't support relocking, and there's nothing we or the community can do about that. Thaodan might know more.11:27
abrsome of those you could just ask on the forum or here. That last meeting was very very long ;)11:28
lolekabr: well the question is - what we can do. And answer like : we can do nothing  because Sony doesn't support is actually no answer. Because it seems there's a need to talk with someone from Sony, to get info from there what would be expected to get this behavior11:40
lolekthen, maybe community should spam Sony for this functionality11:40
henkabr: do you happen to be the maintainer of rockpool? if so, any advice how to initialize a Pebble Time Steel? I seem to be running into, nothing happens when I click "initialize pebble"12:42

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