Saturday, 2023-02-04

sfiet_konstantin[m]Who is in FOSDEM ?08:16
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rubdos[m]I've been trying to find the linux-on-mobile stand for five times now, but I think I'm just walking past10:16
rubdos[m]are they just the ubports people atm? Because I don't see any sailfish10:17
rubdos[m]sfiet_konstantin: ^10:17
sfiet_konstantin[m]<rubdos[m]> "I've been trying to find the..." <- K second floor10:27
sfiet_konstantin[m]near stairs10:27
sfiet_konstantin[m]Was very crowded like 1h ago10:27
sfiet_konstantin[m]Actually K second floor is crowded10:39
sfiet_konstantin[m]nextcloud firefox vlc10:39
sfiet_konstantin[m]quite a few big stands10:39
rubdos[m]> <> K second floor10:42
rubdos[m]> near stairs10:42
rubdos[m]uh, I was searching in H10:42
rubdos[m]why do I think it was H10:42
rubdos[m]I'll come by after
rubdos[m]okay no, after Thaodan's talk :'-)10:43
rubdos[m]I'll come by*10:43
sfiet_konstantin[m]rubdos[m]: Because it's H in the planning10:45
sfiet_konstantin[m]even cybette told me that10:45
rubdos[m]It's even in the fosdem23 app. :'-)10:45
sfiet_konstantin[m]Finishing the talk about Asahi Linux. Time to grab some belgian fries !11:23
Tunanodrahello guys!11:28
Nico> <> K second floor12:00
Nico> near stairs12:00
NicoOh, the UBPorts people were looking for you next to the Gentoo stand in the basement12:00
x2s.oO( you are lucky I'm not there, I'd bother you with questions about IV ;)12:04
sfiet_konstantin[m]Ruben De Smet: will you ever come to the Rust devroom ?13:13
sfiet_konstantin[m]if so, don't. Prolly the worst room (and a crowded one)13:13
malrubdos[m]: did you see my recent PRs based on your llvm and rust PRs, I'm planning on merging those13:17
sfiet_konstantin[m]mal: mind sharing a link ? :)13:59
sfiet_konstantin[m](I'm curious about them too)14:00
mal and also mesa
sfiet_konstantin[m]nice !14:28
sfiet_konstantin[m]interesting !14:28
malnot the very latest version because of some issues but still newer14:29
sfiet_konstantin[m]what kind of issues: segfaults ?14:33
malgecko build has issues with newer rust14:36
malI tried to backport some patches but it started to become too big so I decided to update only to that for now14:36
sfiet_konstantin[m]ok ... I think we can live with the rust version compiling ghecko right14:37
malalso some cross compile issue with newer rust that I didn't yet figure out, some extra changes needed probably to the patches14:37
sfiet_konstantin[m]cross compiling ... something I never really understood properly :(14:39
malyeah, it's complicated sometimes14:40
sfiet_konstantin[m]Is there a SFOS BOF today at fosdem ?15:07
sfiet_konstantin[m](maybe I already missed it ?)15:07
malsfiet_konstantin[m]: BOF?15:44
rubdos[m]<sfiet_konstantin[m]> "Is there a SFOS BOF today at..." <- abr told me it's tomorrow16:28
rubdos[m]but I could misremember16:28
sfiet_konstantin[m]<mal> "sfiet_konstantin: BOF?" <- Bird of feather16:29
rubdos[m]<Nico> "> <>..." <- Ah, that'll have to be tomorrow, then. I'll go say hi in the morning :-)16:29
rubdos[m]> <> Ruben De Smet: will you ever come to the Rust devroom ?16:29
rubdos[m]> if so, don't. Prolly the worst room (and a crowded one)16:29
rubdos[m]I tried in the morning, and I ran.16:29
rubdos[m]<mal> "Ruben De Smet: did you see my..." <- I saw them indeed, abr told me again today about their existence. I'm very very happy you took it on.16:30
rubdos[m]Is there anything in particular you want me to try out on those PRs, mal ? Just check whether it's recent enough for me?16:31
rubdos[m]Nico: Right, nanu-c told me about the UBports people, I should've remembered.16:35
rubdos[m]This is the first time for me that I'm meeting so many people, it's quite something.16:35
sfiet_konstantin[m]rubdos[m]: Too much maybe ?16:35
rubdos[m]Too much to remember, but I don't mind meeting people16:36
sfiet_konstantin[m]It's taxing for sure16:36
rubdos[m]I do mind the crowd, so I went home after my chat with the dev of Molly16:36
rubdos[m]it's impossible to get into rooms anyway :'-)16:36
rubdos[m]Q: about the dinner, will people bring "stuff"? Like, am I supposed to show my broken N9 and my broken Jolla in order to get in? ;-)16:37
sfiet_konstantin[m]Bring yourself, that should be fine !16:58
malrubdos[m]: nothing special to check, rust is the same version you used16:59
malI just did some fixes to it16:59
rubdos[m]<mal> "Ruben De Smet: nothing special..." <- 1.61, that'sawesome17:49
rubdos[m]<sfiet_konstantin[m]> "Bring yourself, that should be..." <- Brought myself17:49
NicoWe'll be a bit late for the dinner, but I think we are in the right bus17:49
sfiet_konstantin[m]Nico: :D in the 71 here17:51
sfiet_konstantin[m]are you in it too ?17:51
NicoOnr of them right at the front17:53
sfiet_konstantin[m]Onr ? :D17:54
NicoOnehand typing to not fall over!17:55
sfiet_konstantin[m]I wonder if you are near to me lol17:57
sfiet_konstantin[m]i'm seated, facing back of bus and wearing a blue mask17:57
NicoI can't see any face of someone facin backwards. I'm next to Chris at the front door, long hair18:00
sfiet_konstantin[m]Fine ...18:01
rostam98[m]Hello I need some help to understand Sailfishos Sensor framework, is this a right place to ask questions?19:16
malrostam98[m]: what do you want to know?19:26
rostam98[m]Great thanks, I am reading the Sailfishos and trying to understand, how the sensor framework works. I am about to get one of the already supported phones that supports Sailfish, and I need to access the data from Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors.  From reading the document, it seems Sensor framework works with Android OS. I may be very wrong please help me ...19:29
malsensors in Sailfish are usually accessed via QtSensors which uses sensorfw backend which then communicates to the android hal sensor process which is running in the background19:36
malQtSensors can be accessed either via qml and c++ interfaces depending on application needs19:39
rostam98[m]@mal from what I have read, I understand Sailfish os supports Linux and Android kernel. So my assumption is if I want to use Sensor I need to have an Android image running on the device. The confusion on my side is, how Android and Generic Linux kernels run at the same time on the device. Please help me to clear up my mis understanding.19:42
malwell Sailfish can run on linux and android kernel, most just use android kernel but there some community ports which use linux kernel but only very few19:43
rostam98[m]In that case for my use case, I should use case (Sensor). Now Android has its own GUI framework, but we Sailfishos supports QT and does not require using the Android part, is this correct understanding?19:46
malnot sure what the thing is that you don't understand19:47
malsensorfw can use either linux kernel interfaces directly (iio in this case) or use android hal, it depends on the device19:47
rostam98[m]This is what I got from the document for sensor call chain:19:52
rostam98[m]sensorw-qt5->sensorfw-qt5-hybris->libgbinder->Android BSP HAL->android.hardware.sensors19:52
rostam98[m]The above call chain seems it only supports Android that is the part I do not understand.19:52
mallike I said sensorfw can use also linux kernel iio interface in which case sensorfw-qt5-hybris is not even installed19:53
malin that case it would just be sensorfw-qt5->sensorfw->linux kernel19:54
rostam98[m]oh okay,  I see, thanks for the clarification. Is there documentation or sample implementation that I can access and leverage from it?19:55
malwhich device are planning on using?19:56
malyou only need to think what happens below sensorfw (or even sensorfw) when porting to a new device19:56
rostam98[m]We are planning to use one of the latest Sony phone that is supported, I am not sure about model number at this time.19:57
rostam98[m]The HAL layer should have some support, such as API for what happens below sensorfw, is this correct assumption?19:58
malthose use the android hal via sensorfw binder plugin, you really don't need to think about that19:59
rostam98[m]Sorry by those do you mean, Sony phones?20:00
rostam98[m]Thanks so much20:05
malwhat happens at sensorfw level is just hardware adaptation details and not relevant for normal use or app development20:05
rostam98[m]So we are trying to port our application to a phone that utilizes sensors. Our code is implemented purely in C (not C++), and we plan to use Sailfishos for some of the security features that we like.20:08
malsensorfw can be accessed via dbus also20:09
malif Qt is not an option20:09
rostam98[m]OT is okay as long as we stay with pure Linux. dbus API can be accessed by higher-layer library named, gio. Is that also supported on Sailfishos?20:10
malany dbus library available in sailfish can be used if needed20:11
malQt is just much easier for sensor use20:11
rostam98[m]So I believe we can use QT on top of the dbus and make our life easier?20:12
malqt does things directly to sensorfw and not dbus afaik20:13
malso if you use QtSensors you really don't need to think about anything related to sensorfw, it just works20:14
rostam98[m]If I understand you correctly, if we use QTSensors then it should work regardless we are using Android or Linux kernels, if that is the case, it would be great, dealing with dbus directly is painful.20:16
attahIf you mean *on Sailfish OS*, sure! That's what he has been trying top tell you this whole time!20:20
attahThere is really no "Android kernel"... or it is just a tweaked Linux kernel anyway. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Android App Support that runs *on top of* that, if that is what has you confused...20:23
rostam98[m]Okay I think I am getting to understand. thank you both.20:27
rostam98[m] Seems most of the complexity we need to deal with is at the HAL layer. I think...20:27
attahUnless you are porting to a new device, NO!20:27
attahAs a user you simply don't have to care at all.20:27
mallike I said many times, for user or app developer there is no need to thing about what happens behind QtSensors (or sensorfw dbus api if that is used, it very rarely is if ever, everything uses QtSensors apis)20:29
rostam98[m]I think I am very clear now.20:33
rostam98[m]Just to give you a background, we are working with a mobile hardware vendor and the final plan is to port sailfish on their device and have our app work on that device.20:33

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