Sunday, 2023-02-05

sfiet_konstantin[m]Ew, the BoF clashes with the Hachyderm talk :(10:53
lolekok, anyone here with 10 II or 10 III that previously had 10?12:39
lolekbtw hi12:39
sfiet_konstantin[m]Hi lolek12:40
sfiet_konstantin[m]Never had 10, sorry, just had X12:40
lolekuhm. I wanted to ask how is the touch support. The 10 is a nightmare sometimes because of ghost touches etc and I wanted to find out how is it with never phones12:40
lolekI'm thinking about jumping on the 10 III but right now it seems it's very risky because of the issues mentioned on the forum and still the echo cancellation bug12:41
Renaud[m]I had the 10 plus and I did experience issues but not with 10II nor 10III12:42
Renaud[m]Nobody ever reported me the echo cancellation bug either but I seldom use my device as a phone...12:49
lolekyeah this is what's mainly stopping me from going to 10 III that echo and also mobile data issue and some bt issues lately12:50
Renaud[m]In the bug reports I see the echo happens when using the loudspeaker but the warning from jolla suggest to use the loudspeaker as a workaround ?12:53
Renaud[m]Regarding the mobile data issue, I'd say it's hard to tell, I tend to blame my provider ^^;12:55
lolekRenaud[m]: for the echo issue the loudspeaker is a problem for 10 II while for 10 III the problem occurs during normall call13:14
lolekRenaud[m]: for the mobile data issue, I found on the forums that my operator on 10 III has problems when VoLTE is enabled.13:15
thilo[m]Anyone knows how i can write android logs to a file with sfos4.5? I tried       `  devel-su appsupport-attach /system/bin/logcat > crash.log`16:28
thilo[m]But this does crash unfortunatley16:28
thilo[m]Element is crashing with some cpp files not found even after reinstall...16:29
kamrohave you tried same command as in wiki:
* thilo[m] uploaded an image: (429KiB) < >16:38
thilo[m](do pictures work here?)16:40
kamrosort of. Do you have some more messages in that elementcrash.log file?16:51
thilo[m]Good question16:53
thilo[m]Oh stupid me, the logs are actually in the file16:54
thilo[m]Okay, now that i got this... Element crash logs contain `02-05 17:55:25.727  2811  2811 E JitsiMeetSDK: java.lang... (full message at <>)16:59
sfiet_konstantin[m]No stack trace ?17:01
sfiet_konstantin[m]Maybe google that error ?17:01
kamroI have non idae about android/java but is that really whole log?17:01
thilo[m]02-05 17:55:25.727  2811  2811 E JitsiMeetSDK: java.lang... (full message at <>)17:01
thilo[m]I did google that, it does not seem to be app specific. Or i wasnt searching very well...17:02
thilo[m]Ah, sorry that was the wrong paste... Sorry doing this from the phone17:03
thilo[m]02-05 17:55:25.431   174   205 I ActivityManager: Start... (full message at <>)17:03
sfiet_konstantin[m]Strange ...17:04
thilo[m]Then it dies withe same error and a stacktrace17:04
thilo[m]And i wiped data and reinstalled it17:04
thilo[m]I'll try to install an older version, maybe this works...17:05
thilo[m]Nope, same error on older version17:07
thilo[m]I would assume it is some kind of permission issue17:08
thilo[m]During app install or something17:08
thilo[m]Put that on the forum:

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