Monday, 2023-02-06

deicide3-should i buy a xepria 10 iv?04:11
thilo[m]Anyone has suggestions to diagnose this bug report?
piggzpoetaster: ping11:28
poetasterpiggz, pong. sorry.11:30
piggzpoetaster: how is your gs5? wondered if you wanted to swtich repos to devel: and update to 4.5?11:30
poetasterpiggz, it's fine, just haven't had time to do more measurements. I could switch to devel and test. It's my secondary phone.11:30
piggz[m]good, fancy another tester before i release :P11:31
poetasteryeah, wise, wise.11:31
poetasterpiggz[m], forgotten how to switch repos, again. It's some path I can never remember.11:33
poetasterok. copies to clipboard, saves to file .... thanks!11:39
poetasterpiggz, nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer-qt5-libav being removed? there's a bunch of change vendor chum -> meego and 265 downgrades?12:06
piggzsounds good, so long as no pattern* are removed should be ok12:07
poetaster  community-adaptation-testing                    chum -> meego?12:07
piggzthat fine12:08
piggzwell, afterwards, you probably want to install community-adaptation-devel12:08
poetasterthat's comming from adaption-community-common, or?12:08
piggzsearch for it later, i dont think anything will break12:09
poetasterbut it can't hurt to change that or?12:09
poetasterI have it open.12:10
poetasteradaptation-community-common =
piggz-testing should exist in the testing repo, and devel in the devel repo12:12
poetasteryes, I just meant that the adaptation-community-common.ini still points to testing after the changes you sent.12:14
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poetasterpiggz[m], it's upgraded now :)12:43
piggzgreat, if you give it a spin, and its ok ill push it to testing12:44
poetasterwell, ok, so far so good.12:44
poetasterpiggz[m], so for, r.e.s.p.e.c.t camera, phone, bluetooth audio, bluetooth file sharing, network, gps all looking good14:00
poetasterpiggz[m], did the halium build approach decrease the time you need to turn around a port update?14:18
piggzpoetaster: yes ... just a few package updates on obs and thats it done really15:04
poetasterah, super cool.15:12
poetasterI'm going to have to learn to do a port. But first I hav 46,345 bugs to squash.15:13
rostam98[m]which version of clang is supported  with latest release of Sailfishos release?17:41
nephrosrostam98[m]: on SFOS 4.4 there's clang 10.0.118:17
nephros has *just now* been update to 14.0.618:19
rostam98[m]nephros: thanks18:53
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