Wednesday, 2023-02-08

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thilo[m]i uninstalled okboard and the keyboard is not opening anymore.  The log shows `CRITICAL: void Maliit::KeyOverrideQuick::applyOverride(const QSharedPointer<MKeyOverride>&, MKeyOverride::KeyOverrideAttributes) - Both label and icon have no default value.` Any ideas?07:52
thilo[m]If i reinstall okboard it opens again07:54
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piggz[m]@poetester v22 been off charge since 630am, now 3.45pm, battery is 79%15:45
Thaodan_Rinigus: Did you build the latest oscmscout server with Sailfish OS? It fails for me with:  src/serverdbusroot.h:36:67: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'class QDBusPendingCall' asyncCallWithArgumentList(QStringLiteral("Quit"), argumentList);19:37
rinigusThaodan_: no, I didn't. that was added after latest release and I never checked on SFOS19:40
rinigusshould fix it then. Just a sec19:40
piggzreminds me, need to fix amazfish build ... some compiler flag change maybe breaks it19:41
rinigusThaodan_: fixed now in master - builds as tested at obs19:51
piggzah no, dcaliste changed the mkcal api :/20:02
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