Thursday, 2023-02-09

Thaodan_rinigus: thanks will tests later00:41
nephrosI have some DoDs here: - if someone could please fix, thx.12:36
malnephros: should be fixed now12:44
nephrosthat was quick, thanks!12:45
maljust relaying the message :)12:49
nephrosmal: relay my thanks, then :)12:54
x2soh, 4.5 for all now. The contact sync should be fixed in this update. This will be fun. (not. I have to sort contacts then...)14:09
piggzpoetaster: ping17:56
rinigusflypig: will be refreshing your personal site to see the update. good luck with the change and please stay around18:29
piggzrinigus: flypig: ive already visited!18:47
attahOkay... stupid question time. What actually makes the ExecDBus prestart thingamajig get invoked?19:14
attahOnly opening a file that the app has registered as a handler for?19:17
attahOr manually invoking the manually invoking some implicit dbus method?19:40
attahWhat path would one use then?19:41
poetasterpiggz, sorry, child duty.21:21
piggznp :)21:21
poetasterwhat's up?21:22
poetasterthis was fun:
poetasterNinja Tune.21:24
b100dian[m]so how does one debug an application with sailjail? I am running Sailtrix from QtCreator but it doesn't share the config with the one run from the device (and no secrets access to test anew.)22:03
pherjung[m]btw there is a sailtrix channel #sailtrix:matrix.org22:03
b100dian[m]Yes but I'm stubborn:)22:09
Thaodan_b100dian[m]: try sailjail /usr/bin/harbour-foobar23:01
b100dian[m]Yes, but how to do that from Sailfish IDE? Actually from gdb is already a problem. From the IDE, if I switch the Run configuration to /usr/bin/sailjail and params to /usr/bin/harbour-foobar I don't remember it working23:07
b100dian[m]Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function.23:09
b100dian[m]GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers23:09
b100dian[m]Application finished with exit code 0.23:09
Thaodan_b100dian[m]:  Haven't debugged inside Sailjail, there is some tracing that you can use to track permisson errors, I don't think that Sailjail should affected debgging.23:36

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