Monday, 2023-02-13

b100dian[m]Well it was a yaml referenced as Source100 but not present in the repo. So I removed it:D00:03
ThaodanThings will certainly go more in the direction of using only specs. Learning how spec files work isn't hard much of the work is hidden behind domain specific macros.01:07
b100dian[m]Speaking of RPM, someone should contact - the reference to "Red Hat" is... wierd and.. disturbingly funny:)01:12
b100dian[m]Maybe instead of rpm vs deb it would have been Qt vs Gtk. That I would understand:)01:12
b100dian[m](well the original author never said RPM, I just think it was inferred, RPM, Red Hat)01:13
Thaodanb100dian[m]: Some things are stuck in people's head like rpm = red hat package manager01:39
rinigusmal: I am not sure we should add boost to chum, it is against our agreed policy. So it surely has to be discussed before.03:56
Renaud[m]Well, you agreed to include a newer gnutls :p08:04
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