Tuesday, 2023-02-14

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dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, sorry to be late today.08:35
dcalisteThank you for the reviews yesterday. Working on the this and future feature, I'm wondering which event should be modified when choosing to modify the whole series in the calendar from an event that is later than an exception with the this and future flag ?08:40
dcalisteI guess it should open the exception holding the flag, right ?08:40
pvuoreladcaliste: hmm.08:46
dcalisteThere is the same question actually when creating an exception for a given occurrence later than a this and future exception. Currently, the event will be filled up with values from the parent and not from the last this and future exception.08:51
pvuorelayea, makes sense if that's rather the "this and future" one.08:53
dcalisteIndeed, that's my opinion. It complexify a bit the system though because the parent event the dissociation is made from is taken as granted in many places in the code as the event holding the recurrence without recurrenceId…08:55
dcalisteI'm going to submit first, commits adding the feature and tuning the UI. And I'll work then on additional commits required to get the latest this and future exception as base for dissociation.08:58
dcalisteIf you do agree with this plan, of course !08:58

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