Wednesday, 2023-02-15

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piggzKeto: can you kick OBS? dod stuck
malpiggz: fixed11:15
piggzmal: i saw :)11:16
Solrac[m]I can't belive Ketosis just kicked an entire serivce. jkjk (Sorry it was an easy joke to make)17:16
b100dian[m]lbt: which architecture would be faster to build something like nodejs? The output package would be used to build a noarch..22:11
mali486 target since that builds natively unlike arm or aarch6422:15
b100dian[m]oh, that was not on my mind. Trying that, thanks!22:17
henkcan I import a contact from a vcard encoded as a qr code? "barcode" does not seem to be able to spawn the correct app for importing the contact, it just lets me copy the qrcode’s content …23:29
henkI’m not sure the content is good, though, which is why I’m asking if this should work and how23:29
malnot sure if that has been implemented, I need to ask/check tomorrow23:33

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