Thursday, 2023-02-16

Thaodanhow fast nodejs builds on arm depends on how much is accelerated most things should be accelerated already,08:56
piggzrinigus: standard reply :)18:51
riniguspiggz: indeed. with Qt, getting shorter and shorter every year. I guess those mystery lawyers got fired18:52
rinigus... the ones that were examining all options, day after day18:53
piggzi worry about devs eventually switching to eg plasma as it becomes more viable18:53
riniguspiggz: I don't think we should worry about it too much. if it will be better on plasma then it would make sense to switch.18:54
rinigusbut there is long way to go18:54
piggzrinigus: things like c++20/3 support would certainly be nice18:56
piggzi had to frig qt 5.6 to consider c++17 a thing18:57
piggzwhich, for info is CONFIG += c++1z19:00
riniguspiggz: open sourcing would be nice, then we can help with the switch to need Qt. But that's not gonna happen either.19:00
piggzrinigus: isnt newer qt backwards compatible? im sure it would be19:01
piggzi guess the changes would be the sticking point19:02
piggzany jolla patches19:03
piggzwhich would need added to any newer versoin19:03
attahIsn't the problem GPL3 like always?19:07
x2sHm. Why do I have contacts in my contact list that I can't edit or delete?19:11
attahSaved on SIM card perhaps?19:12
x2sIt's an email address19:13
x2sAnd only that. No name, nothing. Can't edit it, can't remove it19:13
x2svery strange19:13
piggzattah: it is for jolla ... question is wether community could bring a newer qtv without breaking things, it would be an interesting, yet somewhat large task19:58
attahYeah... i doubt it... they are stable but not that stable19:58
henkmal: cool, thanks, when is that exactly? not sure what timezone you are in and what tomorrow exactly means (;20:17
attahhenk: did you try CodeReader?20:21
malhenk: oops, forgot to check today20:23
henkattah: yeah. it reads the QRCode, displays the VCARD content as a string and offers me to "Open URL". when I click that, it says "Cannot open URL: Unsupported Scheme".20:29
henkmal: oh, so I’m already too late … when’s the next opportunity? I’d try to remind you shortly before then …20:29
attahhenk: when i scanned a vcard qr with CodeReader it offered me to import it20:30
henkTIL: androids built-in camera seems to only support this since august 2022, with version 13 (or was it 14?)20:30
attahAlthough sandboxing gets in the way it seems20:30
henkattah: oh, that’s good to know! then maybe my format is wrong …20:31
attah...or at least different20:31
henkwell "wrong for codereader" (: how did you generate you vcard?20:32
malhenk: the camera qr code support gets you the raw vcard but I think no simple way to import that to contact list except via intermediate file20:33
attahSeems contacts declares the correct mime type for open-with20:34
malI tested that sample qr code20:34
henkattah: ah, yeah, that works. will compare to what I got from qreator, thank you20:34
attahNow if only there was some neutral temporary ground to hand it over in, or better yet open-with counted as a sharing method20:35
malheh, same like that attah just gave20:35
* attah eagerly awaits the time he can retire
malneed to see if there is some simple way to add support for making the camera app determine vcard mime type20:37
nephroswhat possible mime types are there?21:04
attahall of them21:06
nephroswould Method {21:15
nephrosname: "importContactsData"21:15
nephrosParameter { name: "vcard"; type:21:15
nephros"string" } from Sailfish.Contacts help?21:15
henkok, it was due to missing linebreaks 'sigh'21:29
ilpianistahi there, how do I start my app with root privileges from the application launcher? I know, I shouldn't, but I'm wrapping a binary which requires root privileges. It works fine if I run it from the terminal, but from the launcher the invoker (I suspect it's it) start the app as nemo.23:11
b100dian[m]what does the executable do, can you package is as a systemd service?23:21
ilpianistathere's also a systemd file (which I start), but I need to invoke the binary to start the login phase. Problem is the binary performs a check on the UID and thus it exits when you aren't root23:25
b100dian[m]Something like fakechroot -- fakeroot chroot --userspec=0 / whoami ?23:31
b100dian[m] * Something like fakeroot whoami ?23:32
ilpianistaI can try, thanks for the hint23:32

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