Wednesday, 2023-02-22

piggzpoetaster: are you trying to get me bug reports? :D20:47
b100dian[m]we all know volla hasn't bugs21:49
poetasterpiggz, ah, I'm too spread thin to get you meaningful bug reports, but, I'll get back to it :)22:05
piggzpoetaster: no, i meant telling people on the forum to upgade to a non-existing version :)22:05
poetasterpiggz, oh, shit. sorry. what have I done.22:06
piggzits ok, i corrected you ... people should update to .18, not .1622:06
poetasteroh, thank christ.22:06
poetasterI think I'm also on devel, not testing :)22:07
piggzits safe for devel, but not testing22:07
poetasterAh. the only issue I've seen with .16 is the video in the browser thing. but, you're suggesting I could do .18 in devel?22:09
poetasterI'm off to bed. let me know if I should bump dev.22:10
bionade24lbt: The %{sailfishos_version} var in OBS outputs 40500, which is very wrong. Where should I report this bug?23:38

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