Thursday, 2023-02-23

malbionade24: is that really wrong? that is the way it was in 4.4.0, it has "%sailfishos_version 40400"00:39
Tekno00:06< piggz> its ok, i corrected you ... people should update to .18, not .1600:42
Teknobut .16 must be done first?00:42
malno need to update to .16 first if .18 is available00:43
malwhy would it be necessary to update to .16 first?00:44
malit's fine to update from 4.4.0 directly to
Teknobecause ui doesnt let you choose00:45
malwhich device?00:45
Tekno10 III00:45
malhmm, then maybe update to .16 then but it is actually ok to go directly to .18 also00:46
malthe changes between .16 and .18 are quite small00:46
Teknoi will still wait and say in 4.400:47
malI will ask tomorrow why the .18 was not redefined as the stop release00:47
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direc85[m]" replaces as a stop release"
KetoTekno: check for updates again from the pulley meny. unless you have already downloaded the .16 update, then the menu has only the install option07:38
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lbtbionade24: That is 4.5.0 converted to 2 digits  04 05 00... but with leading 0 removed as it's "just a number" for comparison purposes.09:50
lbtcc mal is this documented anywhere ?09:50
poetasterlbt, ] /var/run/obs/worker/1/build/build-vm: line 930: warning: command substitution: ignored null byte in input10:30
poetasterI should pare down what is being built on testing.10:32
poetasterlbt, I reduced the number of releases ... will do that bit by bit for all the chum stuff.10:47
poetasterpiggz did that .18 GS5 version fix the video in the browser?11:09
TeknoKeto: yes. now it offers straight .18 instead of 16. Great18:42
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