Friday, 2023-03-03

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henkabr: hey, issue with pebble: reminders about calendar events pop up something between 10 and 15 times at once. I tried setting "calendar alarms" to "always disabled" in rockpoold but they still showed up. ever heard of that or any idea why that might be?12:36
henkabr: oh, at least the disabling worked after restarting my phone. maybe restarting rockpool or restarting "the service" would have been enough …12:39
henkabr: enabling them again does not make them show up again, even after restarting rockpool and "the service" … so something seems to be rotten there …12:41
henkabr: hm, seems restarting the phone solved this‽ I’ll be back when it happens again (;13:56
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