Sunday, 2023-03-05

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attahAre the repo servers ok? My tablet isn't finding updates, and my Xperia 10 "can't determine the size"09:50
attahXperia 10 II also not able to determine size of update...19:07
attahyes indeed19:15
attahMaybe i'm good at breaking things in the exact same way... but still feels like a trend19:16
attahLet's boot some more devices19:17
attahHmm, XA2 found it and could start downloading19:19
attahNow the tablet started updating... 10 and 10 II still weird19:28
henkabr: hey, I’m trying to improve an app on the pebble and for testing I need to install the app from file. seems to stop me from doing that, though. Do you happen to have a workaround? or can even make a fix? or tell me how to fix it so I can try creating a patch?20:59
attahhenk: is this a SailJail thing and you are trying to use a jailed app and expect to see files in home?21:02
attahthat's not happening... try Downloads, Documents or whatever21:03
henkattah: uuuh, I have no idea. TBH I don’t even know what SailJail refers to and what a "jailed app" means exactly … I’d expect to see the files in my home.21:03
attahhenk: with all due respect, you must have been living under a rock(pool?) then21:04
henkattah: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe. so far I had no need to know, apparently …21:06
henkattah: it’s probably not clear: I’m just a user, when it comes to sailfish, phones, and the pebble smartwatch. I’m not an actual software developer, not in any environment. the only time I heard something about apps being jailed (or not) on sailfish was when I complained that some apps want basically "all" permissions even though they don’t actually need any of them and I21:09
henkwas told that they probably have not been properly ported to some new system, yet. at least I think that is related :D21:09
attahYes, apps now have restrictions on what they can access. Apps not updated will get a default set roughly corresponding to everything that used to work21:10
henkanyway, in this case I’m afraid it’s some hardcoded path that simply does not apply to my system. I have no /home/nemo … could that be (part of) the issue?21:10
attahIf you are a regular user you'd not be putting files in home, especailly anymore21:10
attahRight, if there is a hardcoded nemo, that would mess things up in newer installs too probably21:11
henkattah: in this case, I’m not putting files anywhere yet, because I couldn’t figure out where I’m supposed to put them :D21:12
attahthat's not what i read from you before... but ok21:12
henkand I guess I’m not quite a "regular user", but a linux power user, though not a sailfish power user … I don’t know21:13
henkattah: uhm, sorry, maybe I misphrased something. are you referring to "I’d expect to see the files in my home."?21:15
attahyes, mainly21:15
attahi kind of inferred that already, and that phrasing "confirmed" it to me21:16
attahso try changing to defaultuser, and put the file in some well-known/standard sub-directory of home, and see if that solves things21:16
henkattah: ah, that’s just an expectation based on what the app shows when I try to select a file (»shows a screen with "nemo" in the upper right corner and nothing else« in the mentioned github issue). I wasn’t aware that the jailing would prevent that anyway.21:17
attahyeah, so maybe jailing had indeed not hit you just yet21:19
henkI put it in Downloads/ and rockpool shows "nemo" in the upper right corner and "No files" in the "middle" (not quite the middle but about 1/3 down the screen). (I have to fix the description in the bugreport …)21:22
attahso... try and edit that qml then?21:22
attahthey are in /usr/share somewhere21:23
henko_O I wasn’t aware I could just do that …21:24
attahlive a little! :P21:25
henkcool, that fixed it, I could install the app (: I used /home/defaultuser/Downloads21:26
henkabr: ^21:26
henkattah: thanks a lot!21:26
attahno worries... sorry for assuming you'd gotten in to the pickle yourself21:27
henkI hadn’t quite noticed that you did :D did you think I was developing an app for sailfish? that would make sense with your jail-related comments …21:31
attahI just skimmed the issue and saw home directory and file not found21:31
attah...assuming the app worked since people supposedly use it21:32
henkah ok. well, it does work, generally. the thing is that pebble (the company that made the watches of the same name) is gone since 2016/2017, their services since 2018, so you can imagine that there are not that many users left. overall they seem to have sold ~2M devices. and I’m here trying to use one of the "developer tools" that a normal pebble user probably never needs …21:38
henkaaand there we go, the vcard in the qr code works (:21:46

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