Sunday, 2023-03-12

rinigusflypig: re chum submissions - please specify revision in _service file.14:50
flypigrinigus, thanks for letting me know (I thought that was optional?). I'll add it now.14:51
rinigusflypig: nope, its not. I accepted your submissions into :testing, but we have to have fixed version in chum proper14:51
rinigusI suspect that OBS emails sent from my name end up in spam - hence pinging you by irc14:52
henkabr: and I’m back with 12 notifications for a "missed calendar alarm" /-:14:52
flypigrinigus, I don't see any emails either in my inbox or in my spam folder... maybe there's a problem with my account configuration. Either way, thanks for pinging me as I wouldn't have known otherwise.14:56
flypigrinigus, is it also possible to disable - for w3c?14:57
rinigusflypig: yes, it is possible to disable. on acceptance, I will do it myself in chum repo (we copy the package settings from chum:testing)14:58
flypigrinigus, hopefully I got it right this time, but please let me know otherwise.15:18
rinigusflypig: looks good - accepted :)15:19
flypigrinigus, thanks! Unfortunately I messed up with the other one: named it w3c when it should have been w3m. Do you know if there's a way to change the path, or should I just delete it and start again?15:22
rinigusflypig: don't know how to change it, unfortunately. should I remove and you submit again?15:26
flypigrinigus, yes, please.15:26
flypig(just the w3c one)15:26
rinigusw3c removed15:27
rinigusflypig: ^15:27
flypigThank you. Sorry for the mess.15:27
rinigusflypig: no problem - its easy to fix15:38
rinigusflypig: new package is in15:39
flypigrinigus, thanks for all your help; I made one more request, hopefully the last one needed :D15:51
rinigusflypig: looks good. I disabled the builds for the same targets as in the repo in :testing15:53
riniguscompiling now15:53

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