Tuesday, 2023-03-14

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dcalisteGood morning pvuorela. I've just seen your comment on the timezone PR. That's strange, I thought it was what I did test. Give me some minutes to look at it again…08:06
pvuoreladcaliste: hey. sure.08:07
dcalisteYes, indeed, it works for me. Maybe I don't understand your remark. Here is what I do to test:08:12
dcaliste- create an event late in the day, France time zone, create an event early in the day, French time zone and create an event in the day, floating time.08:12
dcaliste- switch to the setting application, and choose another time zone, like Honolulu, and go back to the calendar, still month view on that particular day,08:13
dcaliste- notice that the day has now only two events : the late one that is now displayed with an early time and the floating time one that is still at the same time. The early event has disappeared because for Honolulu, it happens the day before late.08:14
dcalisteMaybe you have another setup to test that is highlighting a bug ?08:14
pvuorelai tested subtler change to the neighboring timezone.08:16
pvuorelathough honolulu appears to be the same.08:17
pvuorelaso having an event or two on a day, just some random content, switch to settings and change timezone a bit, come back to the calendar app and the content of the day is still the same.08:18
dcalisteVery strange ! It's more or less the same setup than mine. I chose Honolulu because it is easy to trigger day change for events and I wanted to test this in particular. Let me try with the Finn timezone…08:22
dcalisteAh, that's it. If the count doesn't change the list is not properly refreshed.08:24
dcalisteOk, I take a note and will correct this behaviour. Thanks for noticing and reporting it.08:24
pvuorelareason found, excellent :)08:25
dcalisteI've added a QAbstractItemModel::dataChanged() signal in the agenda model and commented in the PR discussion.08:41
dcalisteI'm wondering if adding such a signal is not creating a performance penalty because it will advertise all cells as modified for every change in the database.08:43
dcalisteSo, let continue to test this and we can comment in the PR if some issue, performance or not, arise with the testing.08:53
dcalisteFor instance, thinking about this, the eventview page is not updating either…08:55
pvuorelasome comment there, but we can continue the consideration out of the meeting.09:00
dcalisteIndeed. I need to think more about  advertising date time change for events anyway.09:02
pvuorelayea, pondering should it be something like "if the event instance (uid) is the same, skip for addition/removal, but then compare the event data for dataChanged()"09:03
dcalisteYes, something like that. So I won't rush quick fix today and will take time to think about it during the week.09:04
pvuorelayea, quite a quick comment so not sure myself either how the data change should be handled.09:05
dcalisteThere's related issue with the event view, where the date time are not updated, because actually they didn't change at all. Just their representation changed.09:05
dcalisteAnother topic: what do you think about mkcal#55 ? Is it too dangerous, or it's the same kind of optimisation than the one for the date range that is working well already ?09:06
pvuorelayea, was pondering how much it's needed but indeed there's a similar thing for ranges etc.09:07
dcalisteIt's quite a minor optimisation though. As mentioned in the PR, it may be visible only in the case of a search query where we may have a lot of events registered by instance identifier.09:13
dcalisteAbout the search mkcal PR, now that I corrected the escaping character behaviour (thanks for pointing to it), do you have further comment on the API of the search() method ? We can discuss the pro and con I explained in the latest comment there if you have time to.09:15
pvuorelano immediate comments. was concentrating first on the other PRs.09:15
dcalisteOk, no problem. It's not in a hurry indeed.09:19
dcalisteThanks for the discussion. I'll work on time change notification in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar and will comment in the PR.09:33
SaintMHey! Can i do multiboot with regular rooted android and sailfish in Sony pro 1?09:53
henkabr: holy shit, just got 67 notifications and my watch rebooted o_O12:46

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