Thursday, 2023-03-16

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dracks[m]hi, I will like to add my app QuickLaunch into chum, and the first think I need to do is to get a user for the OBS server, right?06:15
maldracks[m]: yes, you can talk to lbt here about getting account for obs, you need to provide him your email and the username you want to have, you can also send the info to him in private11:25
dracks[m]<mal> "dracks: yes, you can talk to lbt..." <- Thanks!12:38
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attahmal: Sigh... the patch refuses to apply and doesn't say why. If i input literally the same path (without a/) when it asks what file to patch, it succeeds18:15
attahautosetup -p1 apparently :(18:40
enderis WPA3 not supported on SailfishOS? When I try to connect to a WPA3-only (not WPA2/WPA3 mixed) network, the UI asks for a WEP key…19:03
ender(this is on Xperia 10 III)19:04
malattah: you can set correct autosetup p value20:05
attahmal: figured it out after a while, thanks20:06
malattah: what do you mean by "being forced to commit before you can prepare"20:07
attah"Fatal: Refusing to prepare dirty work tree - commit or reset your changes first."20:07
malhmm, I thought that means there is something changed in the submodule20:08
attahthis is new, at least to me since an SDK version back or maybe two20:08
attaheven for spec changes it complains20:08
attahso can't faff with prep and patch stuff and rerun without committing/amending my very "in-progress" work20:09
attahSee also:
maloh, I never use that myself :)20:10
malI probably should look into those new commands, I still do everything manually with mb220:11
attahThey are really nice, except for some few assumption on how well-behaved developers are20:11

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