Friday, 2023-03-17

arturHello lbt. I would like to have an account on the Sailfish OS OBS. Could you help me with getting one, please?09:44
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dracks[m]one question is it possible that the bridge matrix-IRC is not working fine for direct messages?14:36
henk says »Install waydroid-gbinder-config-hybris or waydroid-gbinder-config-mainline depending on the type of device you have« but neither shows up in chum. how should I install them? and how do I know which one I should install?14:52
henkI’m on a gs290/volla, but I have no idea whether that’s a mainline or hybris port.15:02
henkmal: I can’t recall whether you or piggz made that port. can you shed any light on this?15:02
malhenk: piggz made it15:21
henkmal: ok, thank you15:22
henkI installed waydroid-runner and the "hybris" gbinder package. starting waydroid on the phone just gives me a screen saying "waiting for android ui" and the "waydroid log" looks like any ideas what might be wrong?17:39
piggz[m]henk: if it is current waydroid, see the instructions about editing the gbinder.conf and changing aidl2 to aidl319:03
henkpiggz[m]: oooh, lineageos loading screen, thanks (:19:37
hafmedhi, I will like to add my app QuickLaunch into chum, and the first think I need to do is to get a user for the OBS server19:59
hafmedmy email and username hafmed20:00
henkgreat, now that it works, I have forgotten why I even wanted it o_O20:09

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