Sunday, 2023-03-19

riniguslbt and Keto : I have 2 dod packages in sailfish_latest_aarch64 (calling project="sailfishos:latest" repository="latest_aarch64").12:11
rinigusat OBS. or anyone else with OBS admin rights - would you mind to help with it12:12
pherjung[m]it sounds like a good idea16:50
piggz[m]rinigus: sensors work ... i have a moving green square on my test app moving with acceleromter input18:24
poetasterpiggz[m], what's the base lineage/volla image for the GS5. 18?18:26
piggzgs5 is v22 right?18:28
piggzwhatever is android 1118:28
poetasterthanks, thought so.18:28
Solrac[m]Hello! I'd like to try my hand at making an Ambiance, can I just use a 2048x2048 photo to make one? It's for an event, I'm hoping to use it as a lock screen, really.19:12
attahJust try and you'll find out?19:16
attahSetting it through gallery takes seconds...19:17
piggz[m]rinigus: does this look correct to you?
chem|sthey folks19:30
chem|stI am trying to revivie my tablet for a while now and am stuck with an old cert issue and cannot install a current one as the package is to new for the sys as i get cpio bad magic19:31
chem|stcan someone shoot me a link to the current cert please?19:31
attahif i may propose an alternative solution... try Coderus' image builder and start fresh19:32
attah(Haven't tried to actually flash it, but i trust the guy)19:33
chem|stwhy would I start fresh because of a cert issue?19:33
malis it just that ca-certificates package that needs updating or something else?19:33
chem|stI am stuck at 3.4 and cannot install or update anything19:34
attahAlways nice to start fresh :)19:34
malchem|st: which package did you try to update?19:34
chem|stsailfish cert19:36
chem|stI am in beta domain and cannot login either as the ssl handshake fails19:36
malhave you tried to change to regular domain?19:40
malchem|st: also have you checked the certificate issue thread on forums like
*** chem|st_ is now known as chem|st19:53
chem|stI tried jolla domain and sales19:54
malchem|st: did you try to build latest ca-certificates yourself in platform sdk for example (using correct target) and installing it on device?19:56
malor does it really need some other cert also19:56
chem|stmal: I don't have a build env right now19:56
chem|stI retired all harddrives when I move on the boat and dont have a computer to install them to19:57
chem|sthmm ok now it is actually downloading 4.0.1 - it was throwing me all kinds of errors at the time19:58
malchem|st: I'm building that ca-certificates on obs if you still need it20:01
chem|stI think something else was wrong or I actually managed to extract the rpm improperly but it overwrote the cert20:02
Solrac[m]<attah> "Setting it through gallery takes..." <- Sorry for the late reply, any suggestions for centralized content? As in, to ensure it's on screen? 😅20:14
attahHuh? So you set it and it is not centered?20:16
riniguspiggz: will look into it20:18
riniguspiggz: no, not really. developer used _service.txt - new at OBS and has to be told how to use these files20:20
rinigushafmed: your build at OBS is incomplete. You added service file with extension .txt . drop the extension and check if it builds at your repository20:21
rinigusnote that at OBS we are using cleaner builders. namely, we have less packages preinstalled and you need to specify the dependencies in more detail20:22
Solrac[m]<attah> "Huh? So you set it and it is not..." <- More like, I'm doing the background in Inkscape, it's to have a some info and QR available in the lock screen. I wanted to know if there are margins so that it fits proper?20:52
attahSolrac[m]: it's whatever your screen ratio crops it to20:52
Solrac[m]So in the case of the Xperia 10 III, 10:19?20:53
attahisn't it 21:9?20:53
attahanyway, very googlable20:53
attahand i must implore you: try it!20:54
Solrac[m]Currently trying21:15
Solrac[m]Just learned that the absolute-center space might be best21:15

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