Monday, 2023-03-20

dracks[m]hi, one question is it normal that in the OBS is not able to find some types like in the following error:07:35
dracks[m]src/quick-launcher.cpp:24:5: error: 'QCoreApplication' has not been declared07:35
dracks[m]here the full log: (in my local machine works fine)07:35
ViGedracks[m]: Looking at the sources, my first guess is that when you build it locally, you have QT_QML_DEBUG enabled and on OBS you don't have that. But that's just what explains the difference. The real culprit is that you are using QCoreApplication and you haven't included it in your source. Just add "#include <QCoreApplication>" in your .cpp.07:54
dracks[m]Ok! Thanks, sorry is my first time working with QT, I was expecting some stupid thing08:09
dracks[m]I see, with the debug I had import the qtquick, without it, it's not imported, right?08:10
ViGeWell, the first three lines in your quick-launcher.cpp are: #ifdef QT_QML_DEBUG #include <QtQuick> #endif :)08:29
ViGeAnd yes, QtQuick does draw QCoreApplication in08:30
piggz[m]That ifdef is a normal part of the template iirc08:45
piggz[m]Opt-qt5-qt3d 5.15 now built, a big upgrade from 5.2 :)08:48
ViGepiggz[m]: Yes. I was just trying to point out that it's not magically included by enabling debug.08:57
riniguslbt Keto mal: could someone look into and resolve dod packages, please?09:30
KetoI can take a look in a moment09:35
rinigusKeto: thank you!10:14
dracks[m]one question is it fine that I use the default project of my user in obs to run and deploy my application? Or is it better that I create some subproject or similar?10:22
dracks[m]<ViGe> "Well, the first three lines in..." <- yes, thanks!10:23
Ketorinigus: it is building now10:47
rinigusKeto: thank you very much!10:58
Nekron[m]dcaliste: Hi Damien.. I've go a question regarding multiple calendar reminders. Is it planned to have them select-able or shown when editing a calendar event? Context: My wife owns an iPhone and we use a shared family calendar. Now she often likes to set multiple reminders like 1h, 30mins or sometimes 15mins before the event starts... if I look at SailfishOS calendar I can see only the first trigger (e.g. 1h) but not the possibly following13:42
Nekron[m]triggers making me wonder why the alarm is raised multiple times and the phone goes nuts. Raising alarms is working fine from the buteo framework but I wonder how hard it would be to update the calendar UI to make multiple notification settings possible (or let me know that my wife is going to terrorize me eventually 😉)?13:42
poetasterpiggz[m], 5.15. holy schmoly. I'm chuffed.14:05
poetasterpiggz[m], it means a route to saving apps that depend on the broken OSM stuff in Location (I have 3 in mind).14:06
malbroken what?14:16
piggz[m]Be the first to build an app against it :)14:16
poetastermal, the OSM geoservice has been broken since 2016. I did a hacked up patch, but this is better.14:17
poetasterpiggz[m], I may just do that.14:17
poetasterpiggz[m], It should be possible to cherry pick, shouldn't it? For those cases that don't collide with Silica?14:19
riniguspoetaster: you cannot mix 5.6 and 5.15. to cherry pick, you would have to roll out 5.6 with patches. patches are probably gplv3, so no idea how to mix it with silica16:28
poetasterrinigus, ok. it's not so important for now. I can at least test some work which doesn't require silica. thanks!16:46
poetasterrinigus, I've just hacked in the osm geoservice plugin 'by hand'. but that was as an app local lib17:30
attahpiggz[m], rinigus: i'm flattered you think that is easy for me... but i fear even getting started is beyond weekday evening amount of work18:53
piggzattah: ill try and write up a guide using sfdk, would that help?18:53
attahyes, very much so18:54
poetasterpiggz, that'd be great.18:54
riniguspiggz: add it to
attahdon't stress it, and don't think i'm not grateful - because i am18:54
piggzcharts are now available, something not been in sfos before :)19:48
poetasterpiggz, charts are great. yeah!20:06
b100dian[m]piggz: I remember me wondering why the manual charts in amazfish:)21:38
b100dian[m]rinigus: piggz great work on compiling qt15!21:38
b100dian[m]I wonder how come no package takes 3hrs, isnt QML using V8? Is it using a prebuilt one?21:39

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