Tuesday, 2023-03-21

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dcalisteHello pvuorela. Thank you for your remarks last Friday on the search PRs. I didn't have time to address them before late yesterday though :/08:03
pvuoreladcaliste: sure, np.08:04
pvuoreladcaliste: (and hi)08:04
dcalisteFor the QML bindings, I've changed the 'pattern' property for a more neutral 'searchString'.08:05
pvuorelayea, just noticed that. thanks. quite minor things commented the last time. didn't yet test the latest version, but i have a feeling it might nearing good enough for a basic version.08:07
pvuorelathough nemo-calendar is marked wip still. did you have some concerns still there?08:08
dcalisteOk, thanks. I need to retest it myself also, after various rebases due to the property name change. I'm also wondering about your remark on the displayed date time for recurring events.…08:08
dcalisteAbout the WIP, no I can now remove it I think.08:09
dcalisteSo, for recurring events, I'm wondering if I could use getNextOccurrence() on recurring events to display them.08:10
pvuorelathat would be nice. then we could maybe keep the year section and it wouldn't be so strange.08:11
dcalisteIt could be a bit "heavy" though because getNextOccurrence() is done in the working thread and doing it repeatedly for every recurring events in the search result list could be hardcore…08:11
dcalisteIt would also need reordering of the identifier list in that case. Quite a lot of additional code. But I'm surely try to investigate in that direction to see if it can be done.08:13
dcalisteMaybe as a separate PR though.08:13
pvuorelahm, right. maybe there could be a chance to find the next occurrence for each event when doing the search, but that could need a bit separate mechanism.08:16
pvuorelathat is, on passing the results from worker to manager and to qml.08:17
pvuorelabut if we don't do that yet, thinking should we then skip the year section until that.08:17
dcalisteYes, I can remove the commit introducing the section and keep it in this potential second PR adding getNextOccurrence().08:19
dcalisteOk, so I've removed the section from PR#45 in QML bindings and in the UI PR also. I've started a mostly empty WIP PR in the QML binding with just the section commit.08:26
pvuorelaalright, good.08:28
dcalisteLooking at getNextOccurrence(), it is returning the next occurrence, being an exception if it happens to be the case. What if the exception does not contains the matching string (because it has been indeed modified from the parent) ?08:36
dcalisteIn the same spirit, if we use getNextOccurrence(), then, I guess we should drop the exceptions as event themselves in the esarch result list. But what if the exception is the only case where there is a matching string while the parent don't have it ?08:37
dcalisteAre these to corner cases that we should not care about (my opinion), or should they be treated properly ?08:37
pvuorelaon initial versions could maybe just acknowledge the details with exceptions.08:38
dcalisteAt the moment, parent and exceptions are treated as single events, I mean, if parent matches is it listed at its first occurrence place, if exception matches it is listed at its right date and time. If both match, both are listed. If only one of them match, only the matching incidence is listed.08:40
dcalisteMaybe I don't understand your reply, but the question was more about the next step, with a list driven by occurrence and not by incidence.08:41
pvuorelai mean if there are difficulties implementing the ideal way to handle recurring events + exception + search string result only in one, i could accept some shortcomings on the early versions if those are acknowledged as something to fix eventually.08:45
dcalisteOk, I see. So first let's have the current PRs validated (or not) with a search result incidence oriented, without year section. In the meantime, I'll try to implement a version occurrence oriented with year section and see if it is more convenient, without too much performance penalty.08:48
pvuorelayea. i'll test the current version and show to martin again.08:50
dcalisteGreat, thanks.08:53
piggzattah: i made a saple porject and guide for you :) https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/qt5/wiki/Getting-Started12:51
piggzdracks[m]: can you update your submission to chum to include a license please, see https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/main/blob/main/Maintainer.md for guidance13:37
dracks[m]I was thinking I changed it yesterday in the source code! sorry: https://gitlab.com/dracks/quicklaunchslx/-/commit/0c08798a3c6889d5470def1e0bd38d4ebfa304b915:44
dracks[m]this should fix it right? https://gitlab.com/dracks/quicklaunchslx/-/commit/5055266c128ca58cf81d8208b056ff9fde939a8b15:46
dracks[m]I saw now the tag should be GPLv315:49
dracks[m]I submit it again, hope this one is everything right!17:45
rinigusdracks: I have accepted the app, thank you very much! you are also made a maintainer in :testing. when you see that it works in :testing, submit it to chum proper17:59
attahpiggz: Saw that! Much appreciated!18:42
piggzattah: the demo could be better, but, its a start, and we can update it18:43
attahBut i hit one snag... the resulting package requires qt-runner and it does not appear to be provided18:43
piggzi was lazy, installed to /opt, and used a qrc instead of installing qml files in /usr/share..18:43
piggzattah: at-runner is in chum18:43
attahBusted, i guess18:45
attahI install the installer thingy and it just disappears18:47
riniguslbt: I have some weird issue with a build just stopping: https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log/home:rinigus:qt515:devel:test/qtwebengine/sailfish_latest_aarch64/aarch6418:47
rinigusin this case, make -j1 is used as a regular seemed to crash - probably due to RAM use at OBS18:48
piggz^^rinigus trying to make the server fall over :D18:48
rinigusthere is also strange difference between SDK and OBS builders. With SDK mb2 build process terminates early and spits out loads of (WARNING)      qmake[1146683/-142899392]       Path not found for FD 3, for __fxstatat64()18:49
rinigusthat doesn't happen at OBS.18:49
piggzrinigus: those fxstat64 happen on all sdk builds for me, failure is usually before thet18:50
attahCould not find the Qt platform plugin "wayland" in ""18:51
attahThis application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.18:52
riniguspiggz: true. in my case, it fails to run PERL script in aarch64, but happily runs it with x86. on SDK.18:52
rinigusattah: you have to install opt-qt5-qtwayland18:52
piggzattah: not far .... as rinigu says18:52
riniguswe will have to provide a list of nice packages18:52
piggzwill add it to the .spec18:52
attahnot found in the specific repo... i guess chum too?18:53
piggzno, should be in the normal at515 repo18:54
rinigusattah: no, that in this obscure OBS repo with qt515 packages18:54
attahpkcon seems to disagree... let me whack it some18:54
rinigusalso, install opt-qt5-sfos-maliit-platforminputcontext to get SFOS keyboard working with your app18:54
riniguscoming back to OBS, what is different in its workers from our SDK? in my case, they seem to behave better than sb2 on PC18:55
riniguslbt Keto mal : ^ (and log above)18:56
attahWooooo! It works!18:56
piggzattah: screenshot or it didnt happen18:58
piggzattah: can you provide details of improvements to sample18:58
piggzattah: feel free to develop using charts and 3d stuff as a fancy example of new capabilities :)19:00
attahRemind me to make an upload gui: https://meme.attah.net/qt51519:02
attahugh... finally fixed19:22
attahi was just planning on making a markdown viewer19:23
malrinigus: in which kind of situation?19:32
rinigusmal: I'll submit but reports regarding issues that I encountered. Then it will be easier to reply to your question specifically.20:23
rinigusmal: I filed two issues with https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/sdk-fails-to-run-perl-while-compiling-on-aarch64/15139 more critical for me now. but as it is late, would be better to discuss it tomorrow21:18
malrinigus: ok, need to test that somehow22:55

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