Wednesday, 2023-03-22

rinigusmal: for testing, I found smaller module in Qt, as written in but report and haven't used webengine as an example :)05:05
rinigus. / in the report05:05
rinigusAs we do have differences in OBS and SDK, I do wonder what's the secret souce used at OBS05:07
dracks[m]Hi! I already have my App in testing, One question, why the icon is not shown in chum?05:53
dracks[m]Also, trying to install it, says the package cannot be found06:29
rinigusdracks: please add corresponding metadata to your spec. see
dracks[m]I think the icon is because the spec I had a wrong path for the included files06:36
rinigusit would make sense to also fix description of the app and URL in SPEC too. Chum Gui gets data that you entered in SPEC - so it makes sense to fix it06:36
dracks[m]yes, I saw it, I was looking that right now06:37
rinigusas for install, I don't know. try to use chum gui and set it to follow testing repo (in settings of gui there is a toggle)06:37
rinigusdo you happen to have it installed already on device? try to uninstall and install it from chum. chum sets vendor on all compiled packages to protect your preferences, but it causes some confusion as well06:38
rinigusdracks: ^06:38
dracks[m]thanks! I already tried, Today my environment doesn't wish to work, (also the simulator doesn't start) I will try to fix everything that I saw, and do the stuff07:08
dracks[m]Now it was installed, (after restarting chum)07:25
malrinigus: do you want to debug that qt issue a bit, maybe add couple of prints to just before calls to locateSyncProfile and print the parameter being used also check which of the calls is the failing one12:37
rinigusmal: I have managed to survive in this life without learning perl. if you tell me what to insert into the script to print out something, I can do that, sure12:42
rinigusright now I am stuck with
rinigusthis I will try to debug tonight by finding which call in the program trips at sb212:43
rinigusas for syncqt, the fix proposed by ViGe worked and we have qtbase compiled with it already at OBS12:45
rinigusmal: ^12:45
malrinigus: yeah, I saw the workaround, I was just wondering if it would be possible find the reason it's needed13:13
malmaybe I need to do some test build of my own13:13
rinigusmal: thanks for the help! what I don't understand is how OBS manages to get around it.13:27
dracks[m]I just pushed different changes to fix all the stuff of my build, I need to re-request the publishing of the package, right?16:17
rinigusdracks: apply those changes in chum:testing directly. when all works and you are happy, submit the request to sailfishos:chum17:57
dracks[m]<rinigus> "dracks: apply those changes in..." <- Thanks! now I understand how it works :) sorry for the unknowledge!18:28
dracks[m]one question, I remember long time ago that with c++ one big pain point is the memory leaks, I will like to profile my app (I don't expect a lot of troubles, I'm using it since maybe a year ago) to check if I can see some memory leak or something big that will require work, did you have some recomendation tool to check it? or some tutorial how to do it for sailfish?18:51
rinigusdracks: look up profiling techniques on linux and maybe same would work on SFOS19:07
malone way to check for memory leaks and other issues is of course valgrind19:44

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