Friday, 2023-03-24

rinigusvlagged: I am using hydrogen when checking on device05:09
direc85[m]I've used Hydrogen before and it worked fine09:42
b100dian[m]I'd be curious if you need to clean some caches if you upgrade to the OBS build of hydrogen from here
b100dian[m]@direc85 or @rinigus. Thanks!10:22
direc85[m]I'll try that later today if i have time! I did log out before uninstalling, but the data folders are still there.10:24
b100dian[m]That's an interesting test too, thanks!10:46
dracks[m]One question, I saw multiple apps using nodejs, what is used nodejs for? it has the option to start stuff in QT? or it's only to start a background server?13:39
rinigushafmed: just managed to look at your request, sorry for delay. please make sure you specify license in your SPEC file and please specify commit tag for the repository in _service16:42
rinigusfor examples, look at _service files in Chum16:42

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