Saturday, 2023-03-25

riniguspiggz: qtwebengine compiles now on OBS as well. only catch is that it still fails any page with javascript, details at
rinigusbuild is available for testing at
rinigusI will have now to package nodejs and then it is possible to build it at the main repo08:27
rinigusnote that the build time is just a bit less than 15h on OBS for aarch6408:28
rinigusthat's for webengine08:28
rinigusI have also updated qt-runner. looks like we don't need anymore to limit chromium acceleration, at least on my device08:29
rinigusnew qt-runner drops corresponding env vars in the default config. let's see if it leads to crashes - then we can restore some later08:30
riniguspiggz: ^08:30
piggzrinigus: reading :)08:30
piggz15hours is an impressive build time08:31
riniguson PC it is faster, fortunately :)08:31
b100dian[m]requestActivate can be a text field focus?11:16
rinigusvlagged: maybe, and it could be also not related to the main issue ...11:21
riniguspiggz: wayland-in-wayland-in-wayland works:
piggz[m]rinigus: you do enjoy a crazy experiment ... what can we do with wayland in wayland?11:44
riniguspiggz: many interesting things. for example, maybe run gtk apps. if it is one-per-app11:45
rinigusmaybe firefox/chromium is not out of the question11:46
rinigusalso could use it develop lipstick replacement11:46
rinigus... but latter is harder to do as the swipes from edges are used11:46
x2sgreat. Since the last update my modem problems got worse. :(13:06
x2sNow I have to restart my X at least daily if not more often13:06
malanything interesting in logs?13:07
malx2s: just a hint for next, remove private data from such pastes13:26
maldo you see anything output of "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio"13:32
x2sthe phone number is the mailbox. Everyone knows that number :D13:47
x2sSince I had to make a call, I already restarted the phone :|13:48
x2sCommand is noted, will do the next time.13:48
malalso check output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat next time13:49
x2sNoted as well.13:56
rostam98[m]Hello Is there a docker image for saiilfishos sdk  that I can use for my cross development of arm64 and x86 ?15:42
rostam98[m]mal: thank you so much18:57

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