Sunday, 2023-03-26

direc85[m]<b100dian[m]> "I'd be curious if you need to..." <- Hello from your Hydrogen! I hadn't logged out, it seems :)07:52
direc85[m]I started the app, it wanted to reload itself, and now it works :)07:53
direc85[m]I didn't install yarn, not needed I guess?07:54
direc85[m]But it doesn't show messages from (Matrix) #whisperfish and says my power level <del>is below 9000</del> doesn't allow me to send messages in the channel... Something is off.07:58
rinigusJust added nodejs18 to chum as we need it for qtwebengine. currently limited to, but could be expanded if needed in future. packaging based on vlagged efforts before08:37
b100dian[m]Thanks direc85 for the test. If you want to check if there is a regression introduced by our packages, the (latest) client is available at too09:11
b100dian[m]Great rinigus. I dont see my if(%sailfishos_version:) But really I am curious if you tested it on arm architecture(s)09:13
rinigusvlagged: yes, I removed sailfishos_version macros and just inserted corresponding Requires. plus deleted fedora/suse checks for the same package if needed (some else conditions)09:14
rinigusre testing on aarch64: not yet, will do in terms of building qtwebengine against it09:15
rinigusearlier, I used nodejs which was packaged similarly at
rinigusvlagged: ^09:16
rinigus... that one worked, as far as I can tell.09:16
rinigusif you know how to test it, please do. ready build is at
b100dian[m]No, I only used it to build hydrogen above, and that on i486 only. However the yarn step made me pause and think - since there is no network on the build machine - that maybe for hydrogen it is better to build in github docker the JS parts09:21
b100dian[m]*for the JS parts09:22
rinigusvlagged: maybe. does suse package yarn?09:28
b100dian[m]Yes. copypac'd10:10
b100dian[m]But thats not really the problem. Yarn itself makes a ton of network requests while building, which can be prevented by bundling a yarn cache in the build. But that is like pre-build sources of something..10:12
*** poetaster is now known as Guest891311:07
rinigusvlagged: try to figure out some kind of cache then. would be good to get hydrogen into chum. I guess we have to be flexible to let such work into it.11:15
poetasterrinigus, b100dian[m] I've done everything node related out of band since it's such a pita. That means keeping 2 repos up-to-date and manual labour. In one case, the dependabot does most of the lifting, and I just update the 'main' repo which is in chum when significant changes take place.11:27
direc85[m]<b100dian[m]> "Thanks direc85 for the test..." <- The channel works in desktop Firefox at least, I guess I'll logout and login and see if that helps.12:40
direc85[m]No, wait, it works now. Maybe some arriving message fixed it? Well, it's good!12:41
b100dian[m]poetaster: out of band -> one repo generates bundled JS for the second one?13:57
poetasterb100dian[m], yes.13:57
poetasterb100dian[m], I think it's often not possible to do when things are tightly coupled. I don't know about hydrogen, but could imagine.13:59
b100dian[m]Thanks. I think that is better than bunding the yarn cache in an OBS build, though. Take a look at how it has an .xz file there. That yarn-cache.xz cannot be generated on OBS and is not compatible with the next hydrogen JS source, so you need your computer to generate it13:59
b100dian[m]rinigus: that's the plan, to make it available in chum. But I have a bit of other quests now14:01
b100dian[m]And thanks direc85 for confirming working version:)14:01
poetasterb100dian[m], looking now14:01
poetaster233 MB erg.14:02
poetasterb100dian[m], I have to admit, I'd just pull the releases from vector-im and be done with it.14:05
b100dian[m]Yeah, but we need a patch:) or maybe it is merged now, didnt look14:33
poetasterb100dian[m], yeah, was clear it's not gonna be that easy :) you have .34 and the last release is .38, or?14:33
poetasterb100dian[m], this one: ?14:39
b100dian[m]Heck, we're spending too much time on this, let me activate github actions :)14:45
poetasterb100dian[m], yeah, I got all excited, but now I spend all my time maintaing GPT prompts that manage github actions :)14:46

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