Monday, 2023-03-27

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poetasterb100dian[m], I do have the one project working well 'on release' with github actions and coderus images. tooter. it's nice:
poetasterb100dian[m], ah, just looked again, it's on a tag push and generates the release.18:17
dracks[m]any reason why my app is not starting after pushing it into stable chum?19:40
dracks[m]from the terminal I can launch it and works19:43
dracks[m]but from the lipstick doesn't work19:43
nephrosattah: ping20:01
attahnephros: you clearly don't need any help20:01
attahWhat overlay component is that?20:02
nephrosMeh, that's just the .desktop file. It makes a dbus call to settings.20:02
attahBut it's an ui?20:02
nephrosThat's the regular ipen Url/mime type open popup20:03
attahhmmm, in camera?20:03
attahor just in general if there is more than one handler maybe?20:04
attahnephros: anyway... about that dubs call... unfortunately parameters har shipped separately20:07
nephrosthat screenshot was not from Xamera but from CodeReader.20:08
attahOkay, so you have some magic with another choice20:08
attahFor me it just launches immediately20:08
nephrosYes, the dbus iface is problematic20:08
nephrosyes I have that little clipboard helper thingie of mine installed.20:09
attahsee AddNetworkHelper in /usr/share/lipstick-windowprompt/connectivity/AddNetworkView.qml for example20:09
attahso you need to get a qml spun up first and then dbus-call to settings :/20:09
attah(unless i'm missing something)20:10
nephrosI'm thinking of adding a settings entry and use settings.ui.openPage instead.20:10
nephrosyes I was looking for that helper qml file but couldn't find it.20:11
attahSo plugged-in settings pages gets automagic dbus methods and arguments? O.o20:11
attahThe helper object itself is probably C++... but at least we can see usage in that file20:11
nephrosKinda. it's all in the main settings.qml20:12
nephrossorry, jolla-settings/mainpage.qml20:12
nephrosbut currently the problem with the desktop file is that the call is always made *with* a string argument, but the settings.ui.showAddNetworkDialog  wants none.20:15
attahi just have settings.qml.. and no openPage in it20:15
attahSo maybe spinning up your own app is at least as easy?20:17
nephrosah then it's defined somewhere else, but it *does* have it.20:18
nephrosThe cool thing about a settings entry instead of an app is root permissions for free ;)20:22
attahso are sharing plugins (:20:23
poetasternephros, sneaky. noted.20:23
attahor... maybe not root20:23
nephrosyeah, enough in any case.20:24
attahI wonder if it is possible to peg up lipstick-windowprompt/connectivity/AddNetworkView.qml with populated data20:24
nephroshave to look at it, yes. do an pushAttached(page, {props})20:25
nephrosor wrap it in another page and alias the data into it or so.20:26
poetasterwasn't a nemo qml/dbus plugin made available for harbour recently that might have an application here?20:27
attahweird how "network" isn20:27
attah't declared anywhere20:27
attahsure... but dbus is not a requirement until it comes to getting settings up20:28
nephroswouldn't know - but the documentation on the new types is kinda - terse.20:28
attahbasically what needs to happen is populate AddNetworkHelper, and call the dbus method top open settings for new wifi network20:29
attahhow exactly is the challenge20:29
poetasteris this that code to network add question from the forum?20:32
poetasterqr code.20:33
poetasterok. thanks. one for tomorrow. child care calls.20:33
dracks[m]I was looking the logs, but I don't see a way to know why is not starting my app quick-launch, There is some way to get logs from lipstick/sailfish?20:35
attahdracks[m]: and you have not changed jailing status by accident?20:37
attahMaybe try replicate the sailjail invocation if that is indeed what you want.. and see what that says20:38
dracks[m]I tested from my local machine and everything works fine20:45
dracks[m]the desktop file, seems good in the mobile20:45
dracks[m]I just tested to launch it with search-nemo, that uses xdg-open, and launched the app20:45
dracks[m]this is my desktop file: ```[Desktop Entry]... (full message at <>)20:46
dracks[m] * this is my desktop file:... (full message at <>)20:47
dracks[m] * this is my desktop file:... (full message at <>)20:47
attahSo when installed by sdk you can launch from icon, but with chum build, no?20:48
dracks[m]also I tried to run it with this:20:48
dracks[m]invoker -F /usr/share/applications/harbour-quick-launch.desktop --type=qt5 /usr/bin/harbour-quick-launch20:48
dracks[m]from chum was working20:48
dracks[m]I tested in testing, and was working20:48
dracks[m]and today, I ask to push to "stable" and when was in stable, I went to install and run it and... it's not starting20:48
attahWhat about this pattern for launch: sailjail -p sandbox-test.desktop /usr/bin/sandbox-test ?20:49
dracks[m]let me try20:49
attahsuper strange.. the build should not be different20:49
attahsolar storm? xD20:50
dracks[m]it asked for permisions and after accepting, worked20:50
dracks[m]I runed it like that:20:51
dracks[m]sailjail -p /usr/share/applications/harbour-quick-launch.desktop /usr/bin/harbour-quick-launch20:51
attahhmm, asking for permissions despite sailjail disabled?20:51
attahwhat about no path for the .desktop file?20:52
attahthen i have nothing20:54
dracks[m]ok, thanks!20:55
attah(since i assume by log you checked, you meant jounral)20:55
dracks[m]I check dmesg, what should be the journal command?20:56
dracks[m]and also I check in the /var/log20:56
attahdevel-su journalctl20:56
attahjournal is what the cool kids use20:56
* attah shakes fist at Poettering20:57
attahdevel-su journalctl -f in another terminal is perhaps even more useful20:57
attahwell, easy20:57
dracks[m]I don't see any new log when I try to start it20:59
dracks[m]I run journalctl in root user20:59
dracks[m]show me 10 logs (aprox)20:59
attahit is insanely talkative usually20:59
* dracks[m] uploaded an image: (370KiB) < >21:00
attahvery odd...21:01
dracks[m]the empty spaces are done by me, to ensure no new line while trying to run my app21:01
dracks[m]is it possible this red log can be the cause?21:01
attahlooks unrelated21:01
attahlike kernel driver stuff21:02
dracks[m]if I run the app in a terminal, then I've got logs...21:02
* dracks[m] uploaded an image: (146KiB) < >21:03
attahand otherwise they end up in journal21:03
attahTeh quicklaunch package here is named like if it had a dirty build directory
dracks[m]ok, how I can fix it?21:05
attahpester the chum peeps21:05
dracks[m]I'm really newbie with sailfish21:06
attah+master suggests to me it cloned poorly21:06
dracks[m]the testing is here:
attahah... or maybe just wasn't tagged at the commit that was submitted21:07
dracks[m]yes, I didn't tag it at the end21:07
dracks[m]maybe I should try to tag it, and see what happen?21:07
attahnah... i guess it's just a better version number than21:08
attahanyway... i installed it... and it launches fine21:08
dracks[m]attah: WHAT?21:09
attahthis, specifically
dracks[m]one sec21:10
attahfor whatever reason the cum gui etc refuses to work for me21:10
dracks[m]how did you install it? with the file browser?21:13
dracks[m]downloading the package?21:13
dracks[m]it doesn't work for me21:13
dracks[m]in the XZ2 compact21:13
attahdevel-su pkcon install-local <name>21:13
attah...on a 10 III21:13
dracks[m]ok, let me try that way21:13
attahso i guess beware of architecture... but i think the XZ is aarch64 now maybe... idk21:14
dracks[m]xz2, is aarch64 (is my daily driver), for develop usually I use the XA2, which has a broken screen21:16
dracks[m]I was connecting to the phone, one sec21:16
dracks[m]from the file browser didn't work21:17
attahthat's odd...21:17
dracks[m]no, doesn't work21:17
attahanyway... i'm off to bed21:17
attahhappy hunting21:17
dracks[m]yes, me too21:18
dracks[m]thanks a lot21:18
dracks[m]Seems that installing it from the SDK, happens exactly the same, it starts, but once I close the app in release mode, and launch it from the device, it doesn't work21:26
dracks[m]phone restarted, install again and now works :)IEI! ALELUyA!21:55

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