Tuesday, 2023-03-28

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, I wish you're well.07:12
pvuoreladcaliste: good morning.07:13
dcalisteI guess you've been busy last week. I didn't work on the next occurrence improvement for calendar search. I was a bit waiting for initial implementation validation also ;)07:19
pvuorelayea, had a shorter week last week. didn't remember to mention that the last time :)07:19
pvuorelabut i tested the latest search and briefly showed to martin too. seemed good enough for starting point already.07:20
dcalisteSure, no problem. Great thanks for taking to give a try.07:21
pvuorelaup to you should we aim to merge that or then work on the next occurrence thing07:21
pvuorelacalendar pr is still wip, btw.07:21
pvuorelaguess we didn't have a bug number yet either.07:22
dcalisteYes, I think it's better to merge this initial step as an already working feature. I'll remove the UI WIP tag. I put there some pointers to forum or TJC references. There may be an issue associated to those already.07:22
pvuoreladidn't find any in bugzilla now. created JB#6045307:24
dcalisteThanks, I'll add it to the three PR commit messages.07:25
dcalisteI've added the bug number in mkcal and nemo-qml-plugin-calendar PRs.07:33
dcalisteAnd also in the UI PR.07:34
dcalisteWhile revisiting my old work of providing an async implemetation in mKCal, I decided to propose the step that remove ::Ptr from SqliteFormat internals as a separated PR, see mkcal#56. Do you think it's worth having it in ?07:38
pvuorelaat least superficially it didn't seem too bad.07:41
dcalisteI've got some changes related to that also where the idea is to have a Sqlite backend independant from KCalendarCore::Calendar, only dealing with lists of Incidences without assuming ownership. These additional changes corresponds to moving the Private part of SqliteStorage into a separated file so all Sqlite operations becomes independant from a Calendar.07:46
dcalisteCurrently, it's a bit inter-mixed, there are both in SqliteStorage direct Sqlite calls that doesn't require to inherit Calendar, while there are also ownership assuming in the load operation, adding the ceated incidences in the calendar.07:47
dcalisteThis could be separated. Do you think it's worth a PR by itself, or it's more related to my async work ?07:48
pvuorelahard to say. pondering was there some coupling already in kf5-calendarcore level between the storage and the calendar.07:59
dcalisteNot that I know about. The KCalendarCore::CalStorage interface is very limited, it is only providing open/close and load/save API. But it must be linked to a Calendar indeed. And thta's what ExtendedCalendar is doing. I don't want to change that. The proposition is to discouple the actual Sqlite support from any Calendar. The Sqlite backend in this view should only deal with Incidences& and Incidences*, while SqliteStorage class is associating s08:06
dcalisteuch with a Calendar.08:06
dcalisteI mean, the SqliteStorage (inheriting CalStorage from ExtendedStorage) should just do the glue between the Sqlite implementation and the memory management of incidences through the calendar.08:07
dcalisteCurrently, SqliteStorage is a bit mixed up with Sqlite implementation (like the file opening for instance) and the memory management when loading incidences for instance.08:08
nephrosattah: success!! wifi code (WPA-PSK only for now) put into new network dialog from scheme handler: https://github.com/nephros/wifi-qr-handler13:20
poetasternephros, works like a charm. maybe we can get piggz to add QrFilter ....16:08
piggzpoetaster: dont distract me, submitting qt to chum :D16:09
poetastershit. sorry.16:09
poetaster(walks very quietly to stairs leading to basement).16:09
poetasterrinigus, second grant application is out to prototype fund. Logic-gate has much of the initial api swagger yaml already. Next week I'll take a crack at bringing it up.16:20
riniguspoetaster: any feedback regarding the first application? Didn't look into API design yet, was busy with qt16:50
poetasterrinigus, nlnet wrote to say response delayed into april. no worries, on the api front. we're on it for the alpha.16:51
piggz[m]poetaster: what are you devising?18:39
poetasterpiggz[m], it's all rinigus idea. a service to bundle requests to apis. keypeer.org.20:53

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