Wednesday, 2023-03-29

dracks[m]one question, I would like to add some feedback to my app when I launch an app, is there some way to "exit" without killing the app in the code? I mean move back to the desktop. Otherwise, I will launch some splash screen to say "YEah Is starting!" some apps take his time to start07:29
direc85[m]There is "application cover spinner" already which is shown until the UI is ready, so there's no "hard" requirement for a loading screen. The alternative would be creating a light splash screen, waiting until it's in active state (?), start loading the heavy stuff, and when that's done, replace the page stack with the actual front page of the app. The choice is yours essentially :)13:25
dracks[m]<direc85[m]> "There is "application cover..." <- I know, my problem is that my app, search and launches other applications in the phone. But sometimes when I launch the other application, this one takes his time to start, and my app is not giving any feedback, my idea was to bring my app back to the desktop (waiting the new app is launched). I still need to test how works using the same as storeman uses to launch the apps. (What happened14:30
dracks[m]to me sometimes, Is that I launched the app two times, because was not starting)14:30
piggzattah: i updaed the qqc2 sample app to use a structure more like a regular sailifish app, installed in /usr and qml files in /usr/share ....19:39
attahpiggz: Very nice! Sounds like my weekend is saved19:40
attahCurrently i'm deep in the C++ swamp trying to uniqe_ptr all C cruft i need to manage in my app19:41
piggzsounds like a worthwhile task :)19:42
b100dian[m]piggz: I'd like to start transferring harbour-hydrogen to sailfishos-open - I think I need thigg to be able to have create repo rights to do this if I read correctly20:04
piggz[m]vlagged: what happens if you just do the transfer repo operation in github?20:10
b100dian[m]I have no clue:) I am third-party for now. I don't know if thigg is on IRC or matrix, that's why I reached for documentation. I'll contact him on FSO20:24
b100dian[m]DM'ed on FSO.20:30

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