Thursday, 2023-03-30

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henkhum, interesting state: the 'cover' (the view on the homescreen) of the phone app looks like I’m in a call, with the counter on 00:00:00, though. clicking the 'hangup' cover-action does nothing. opening it it looks like I’m not in a call. I can’t place a new call. enabling flight mode does not change that. restarting network stack (via settings -> utilities) does not change09:03
henkanything. this is after I received a call from that number that I did not answer about an hour ago. At least I’m almost certain I did not answer it because I got an sms about a missed call from my operator. any advice how to get out of this situation?09:03
henkis this interesting at all to report to some sort of bugtracker or should I just reboot and be done?09:04
xenial-usercan you use the utilities to restart home screen?09:11
xenial-userthe 'utilities' from the jolla store09:12
henkhuh, I see the popup 'call ended' now09:16
henkthe cover still shows that call but with "call ended" on it now09:17
xenial-usermaybe an issue on the operator side then09:17
henkdid it again: again the popup that the call ended09:18
henk(upon starting the phone app)09:19
henkrestarting networking stack again does not help any further … guess I’ll reboot, then09:27
poetasterrinigus, mocking.12:09
riniguspoetaster: looks fancy. will try to remember to check it out tonight12:10
poetasterrinigus, it's a lot of moving targets. and there's a bunch of questions about 'infra', too. But this is easier to look at than tables or yaml.12:14
dracks[m]in which language you are developing it?15:14
poetasterdracks[m], you mean the keypeer stuff?16:44
poetasterif so, mocking using swagger and fast and dirty python. when it's clean, maybe in go. maybe in scala?16:45
dracks[m]yes, with python some framework? or going to the basic?19:37
attahpoetaster: Erlang!19:38
dracks[m]sorry, I was busy with other stuff and I didn't saw the answer19:38
dracks[m]one more question, somebody tried to have kdevelop working to develop for sailfish?19:38
dracks[m]attah: YAHAHHAHA! I loved it when I work on it in the university19:38
dracks[m]but as the performance can be an issue, I will go to rust :)19:39
attahThat's my day-job...19:39
dracks[m]erlang? Waw! what are you doing?19:40
attahTest tools for a certain very Erlang-related company19:41
attahAnd i don't think you'd have performance issues if you go with soem server framework like Cowboy19:42
attahnginx will beat it for sure... but it is really quite capable19:43
dracks[m]no? I knew was fast, and memory efficient, but I think nothing like native19:43
attahIt scales so much easier, so you'd have to be really really good with your native when you go beyond a few cores19:44
dracks[m]yeah, earlang scales like hell, I know20:05
dracks[m]I was sad that I didn't really use the power of erlang scaling something into multiple pods20:05
poetasterdracks, OTP rocks for scaling and distribution. do it right the first time. Last FM. Chef. blah, blah.20:40

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