Monday, 2023-04-03

riniguspiggz: opened an issue
rinigusin short, SB2 resulted in faulty compilation. I will try to tweak compilation (not sure if it will help), but we probably have to look for some better solution. see the issue and it would be good to voice the opinion there05:42
b100dian[m]An OBS build worker running on a raspberry?10:19
rinigusvlagged: no idea with how much ram and how powerful do they come these days. anything reasonable on where we can compile such codes is needed10:36
rinigusi/o maybe also an issue, in addition to cpu performance. probably some better alternatives are available10:44
rinigushowever, after compilation on a phone, I wouldn't dismiss such an option.10:44
x2smal: Finally I have some more logs for you16:32
x2sare there any privacy concerns with data from logcat outputs?16:32
riniguspiggz: I may have an idea that would work with SDK issue: make a docker image with sfos in corresponding arch. in contrast to coderus images, not to bundle any sdk into it, but just few minimal packages that can be used for a base config18:30
rinigusas if it is on device. tested with some very basic config and generated images using coderus baseimage's mic and it looks like it could work18:31
riniguswould have to see how to test aarch64. sounds like its possible18:32
piggzyes .... what aarch64 system would run it?18:32
rinigusstart of the project at
riniguspiggz: there are some CI providers with aarch6418:33
piggzsome github action too18:33
rinigusI think those were non-native18:33
riniguspiggz: with arm18:35
rinigusso, if it works out, we can build some huge packages there and then upload results to obs. as we do with some of hybris packages18:36
piggzi wonder, would the gitlab in qemu work fine anyway? its atleast 64 bit18:36
riniguspiggz: it probably would. just ... ... s.l.o..w. but let's see18:41
piggzrinigus: i wonder if the pinephone rootfs could be useful18:41
riniguspiggz: could be. looking through tama KS to see which packages to include. we basically have to fill packages section18:43
rinigusI wonder which package creates defaultuser?18:44
rinigussomehow feels wrong to compile under root18:44
piggzi have a feeling its a startup script these days ... mal might know?18:45
malpiggz: ?18:46
piggzmal: what created defaultuser?18:47
malI think something during boot, not sure exactly what18:49
riniguscould be, as we have encryption setup as well. OK, no problem - I can create user while building it18:51
malrinigus: piggz: /usr/lib/startup/start-autologin18:51
rinigusmal: thanks. it makes sense for me to just create it with useradd18:53
malyeah, somewhere in image build post part18:55
piggzrinigus: in the pine and halium images, i already do a bunch of groupadd type stuff for things that the hybris packages do18:56
riniguspiggz: I will try to do it inside Dockerfile. there are few things we need to specify there anyway...18:59

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