Tuesday, 2023-04-04

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dcalisteHello pvuorela. I'm sorry, I'm late this morning and still need to go to my office. I should be online in 30 minutes I guess. Sorry for that.07:07
pvuoreladcaliste: no worries07:07
dcalisteHello again, pvuorela. I'm checking the compilation issues for mkcal#56.07:39
dcalisteOk, mkcal#56 is now fixed after the changes from the search PR.07:48
pvuoreladcaliste: thanks.07:48
pvuorelai got a bit busy for other things now, but as you mentioned the search occurrence seemed a bit heavy on passing the search to worker thread. even if not on testing then at least on the principle.07:50
dcalisteYeh, the problem is that getNextOccurrence is using KCalendarCore::Calendar and ::Incidence methods and such objects live in the thread. Even if all the information is actually available in the main thread. I wonder if it could be quicker to generate on the fly Incidences from what we have in the main thread and do all the job in the main…07:52
dcalisteAnyway, no problem if you're busy now. My fault, I was very late this morning.07:53
dcalisteBy the way, thank you also for the Buteo PR that you merged before the week-end.07:53
pvuorelasure :)07:53
pvuorelawe can continue the search on the pr too. suppose there are many ways to avoid doing the pingpong between the threads, but those might require bigger adjustments to the search implementation.07:54
dcalisteWhen you have a moment, you can give a quick look at https://invent.kde.org/frameworks/kcalendarcore/-/issues/4 It's about notebook support removal from upstream. We can discuss it next time.07:55
dcalisteTalking about next time, I'll be off next week. If it's ok for you, we can meet again on April, 18th.07:56
pvuoreladcaliste: 18th sounds good.08:17
pvuorelaand thanks for the kcalendarcore link. could chime in there at some point.08:17
dcalisteI think this removal is a good opportunity for us to revamp ExtendedCalendar as an aggregator of MemoryCalendar. But we can do it step by step and adopting the notebook API from upstream is a good first one that will allow us more flexibility to change it later if needed. But we can discuss all of that on the 18th…08:19
poetasterpiggz, rinigus I've been using coderus images on github to build all 3 arch: https://github.com/poetaster/harbour-tooter/blob/master/.github/workflows/build.yaml13:46
poetasterpiggz_, rinigus works really well.13:46
riniguspoetaster: I am sure they do. but they also work via jolla's sdk (sb2). I want to get rid of that as it involves 32-bit libs in some stage. idea is to make docker images that are just as sfos on device (actually simpler) and build on those. so, aarch64 would by just aarch64 that can be either spinned in arm64 server or via qemu13:49
poetasterrinigus, ah, I'm not familiar enough with the docker images to comment. Is there that much 32bit foo in th aarch image?13:53
poetasterrinigus, I'm slowly getting further with: https://api.keypeer.org/v1.0/ui/ I wanted to ask if you had time in the next week or so for a chat with Logic-gate (Amer) and myself.13:54
riniguspoetaster: as far as I could see, coderus docker images incorporate tooling / target approach and, I presume, you end up compiling with mb2/sb2. so, it should have all the same goodies as a regular sdk => failing qtwebengine aarch64 builds13:56
riniguspoetaster: re keypeer - would be great to get it further. you have been doing much work with Logic-gate, haven't had a chance to catch up. if I know that there is a chat coming up then I could impose it as a deadline for preparing for it13:58
poetasterrinigus, sdk, will snoop. Keypeer, I'll ask Amer to come up with some dates/times and then pass that on.13:59
poetasterrinigus, you don't need to do much but have a look. some things will look odd, but that's why I wanted a chat.14:00
riniguspoetaster: OK, looking forward to proposed times14:13
lolekhi, is there any known lists of issues with patchmanager on

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